Hair 101: How To Choose The Perfect Red Hair Colour

Stepping into the World of Red Hair? Here is Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Flaunting that Perfect Red Shade!

When you envision Red Hair what do you see? Fire engine Red? Dark Red? Purple Red? Strawberry Blonde?

We consider Red Hair Colour the statement piece of Colouring, a Hair Colour that is so striking you can’t help but stare in admiration. But what makes the perfect Red? Big reflects or subtle tones vs bright Colouring or a moody deep Shade vs extreme pigment or a Naturalised hue?

Each Red Hair Colour Shade comes with its own mood and even though they all fall under “Red” the Hair Colours are so diverse with such different marvellous Colour pigments that suit different tastes and skin tones. So when you want to find your Red Shade, this guide has everything you need to know about the different Red Tones and which Hair Colours will fulfil your wildest Colour dreams.

When you’re looking for a Darker, moody Red like your glass of wine

Dark Red Shades with deep Red pigments that take a leaf out of a wine catalogue with their full-bodied berried hues. These kinds of Colours get their unique Redness from their double pigment which also makes them bolder, Redder and glossier than you’d expect from a Dark Red Shade.

Choose Red Hair Colours like:

My Hairdresser
Pure Plum
My Hairdresser
Dark Red

When you’re going for big bright Colour impact

Striving for a captivating Red hue with a vibrant touch? Medium-light Reds offer a sensory delight, boasting potent, punchy Red-infused pigments that elegantly radiate through your Hair. These Hair Colour Shades are a visual treat, thanks to the magic of the Copper family. Their gentle yet alluring Golden-Copper pigments infuse your hair with an exceptionally Warm and intense vitality, enhancing both your Hair and Skin Tone.

Choose Red Hair Colours like:

My Hairdresser
Cool Violet

Experience the enchantment of Light and bright Red Colour blends, where delightful Red hues harmoniously intertwine with soft, Golden Light Blondes. This fusion results in a captivating, Toned down Colour Shade.

Choose Red Colour Blends like:

My Hairdresser
My Hairdresser
My Hairdresser

When you want your Red to have voooolume

Discover the secret to voluminous Hair through your Colour choice! Explore the world of double-pigment shades, where the interplay of depth and light-reflecting pigments leads to a captivating Hair Colour that not only entrances but also doubles your Hair's appearance of volume while imparting a mesmerising shine. And here's the exciting twist: it's not just Warm Reds that work this magic; the suave Cool Tones of Plum and Violet also contribute to this volumising Colour enchantment.

Choose volumising Red Colours like:

My Hairdresser
Rich Copper Red
My Hairdresser
Dark Toffee
My Hairdresser

Choose volumising Plum Colours like:

My Hairdresser
Deep Plum Red
My Hairdresser
Deep Chocolate Plum
My Hairdresser
Intense Violet

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