Hair 101: What is reflect?

There is a difference between Pigment and Reflect.

There is a difference between Pigment and Reflect.
Pigment is the Hair Colour that Colours the Hair. Reflect is the result of the pigment.

Reflects are the Colours that you see through the Hair in Light or with movement.
For example. You have a Honey Blonde Hair Colour, a mixture of 9 Light Blonde and 9.3 Light Golden Blonde. The Colour looks Blonde but when the Hair is in the sunlight or moves, you'll see the Warm Golden reflects.

There are 2 types of reflect: Warm and Cool.

Warm reflects come from Warm Hair Colour pigments like Copper, Gold and Red. They are a lot more reflective and when the hues catch the Light, they give the illusion of expansion. That’s one of the great things about Warm Hair Colours, the reflects can make your Hair look thicker and will shine a lot brighter.

Cool reflects come from Cool Hair Colour pigments like Ash, Beige and Violet. They are calming hues that counteract any Warmth in the Hair and Cool it down and leave you with a silver, smokey or creamy Colour. Unless you just want to Tone your Hair back to a Natural/neutral shade.

Where do you find reflect?

There are no reflects in Natural Colours for starters. Reflects are found in Colours with more than one number.

This is how you break down a Hair Colour’s number.
The first number of a Hair Colour is always a Natural shade that dictates how Light or Dark the Colour will be.
The second number is the primary reflect and the third is the secondary reflect. The primary reflect will be the most dominant.

For example:

8.2 Light Beige Blonde.
8 is the Natural Light Blonde base, so we can tell the Colour is Blonde and Light.
.2 is the primary Beige Reflect.
Now we know 8.2 is a Cool Colour that will give your Hair a creamy, Beige reflect.

7.46 Rich Copper Red.
7 is the Medium Blonde base.
.4 is the primary Copper reflect.
6 is the secondary Red reflect.
Now we know 7.46 is a Warm Colour with strong Copper reflects.

Get to know your pigments, to know your reflects.

1 = Ash

Cool reflect.
Use for a smokey, Cool reflect and a sleek and smooth Hair Colour.

2 = Beige

Cool reflect.
Use for creamy muted reflects and a calm and shiny Hair Colour.

20 / 22 = Violet

Cool reflect.
Use for a Cool Pinky, Red Colour with fun Violet and Red reflects.

3 = Gold

Warm reflect.
Use to add Warmth with Bronzed, Golden reflects through the Hair.

4 = Copper

Warm reflect.
Use for brightening the Hair with strong, Orange Copper, Chestnut and Auburn reflects.

5 = Mahogany / Plum

Warm and Cool reflect.
Use for richer, deeper Red reflects.

6 = Red

Warm reflect.
Use for indulgent Red reflects that add serious vibrancy to the Hair.

Quick tip

If you’re looking for a Colour to Warm up the Hair, giving it a Bronzed, glowing reflect use these Colours.

If you’re looking for a Colour to Cool and smooth your Hair, use these Colours.

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