Hair 101: What is a Hair Toner? And Do I Need It?

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What is a Toner?

A Hair Colour Toner is a mixture applied to the Hair to subdue Warmth. A Toner uses Cool pigments, such as Ash or Beige, to counteract Warm brassy hues that occur after Lightening, Colour Removing or washing the Hair.

Why do you Tone your Hair?

When you have an abundance of Warmth — Yellow, Gold, Orange or Brassy Tones — that you want to Cool down.
When you like your Colour with a Cool Ash (smokey) or Beige (creamy) appearance.
When you have leftover Warmth from Colour Removing.
As apart of your Colour maintenance to keep your Hair fresh.

What do you use to Tone?

For the smoothest result and durability use a Toner Kit. A Toner Kit is a 9.1 Light Ash Blonde and No Lift Developer mixture with the stamina to preserve your Colours freshness and far less work than a purple shampoo that needs to be applied every week.


If you want more control over the strength of your Toning result you can use the same mixture as above, just adjust your Hair Shade to fit your taste, following these guidelines:

The Colour must be Cool Shade — an Ash or Beige Hair Colour.
Only use a No Lift Developer — because you are not Lightening your Hair.

Ash is the Coolest pigment and will give you the strongest Toning result. The Ash pigment will subdue the brighter, Warmer tinges into a crisper, subdued Hair Colour.


Beige’s softer pigments will counterbalance brassie tinges with creamier, milky hues that aren’t as harsh as Ash.


What if my Hair is Lighter than a level 9 Light Blonde?

When you have Bleached or Platinum Blonde Hair and are struggling to keep your Colour Cool, switch to Highlift Blonde or 10.2 Very Light Beige Blonde to use with a No Lift Developer to Tone.


Can you Tone a Dark Blonde or Brunette?

Although Toning is generally linked with Light Blonde, Bleached or Platinum Blonde Shades, you can Tone Darker Colours if they are too Warm or Bronzed for your taste and Skin Tone. Mix No Lift Developer with either 6.2 Dark Beige Blonde, 7.1 Ash Blonde or 8.2 Light Beige Blonde, depending on your Colouring needs.


How To Tone

You will need

A Toner Kit or Cool Colour of your choice, No Lift Developer and Applicator Bottle.

Tip: An Applicator Bottle is the quickest and easiest way to mix and apply your Toning mixture. Plus, it is also reusable for future Toning applications.

Step 1

In the Applicator Bottle mix equal parts of 9.1 Light Ash Blonde (or the Cool Colour of your choice) and No Lift Developer. Put the lid on tightly and shake until the mixture combines into a smooth, creamy consistency.

Step 2

Applying to dry, sectioned Hair, squeeze first to root section. Spread the remainder of the mixture through the Hair, from roots to ends. Gently massage in.

Step 3

Once your Hair is completely covered, keep an eye on your Colour while it develops, scraping back the Toner to see how your Colour is progressing. Wash off once you’ve reached your desired Colour. Leave on for up to 20 minutes.

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