Hair 101: The Do's and Don'ts of Lightening

Thinking of going Blonde? These tips will make Lightening your Hair much easier.

Love a Blonde! You'll often hear (or read) us say. Natural, Honeyed, crispy Ash or bougie and Beige — we don't care the style, we'll take them ALL. Even though the term Blonde is quite universal, they are as likely to be super easy as they are high maintenance. How light, what reflect, your lifestyle, your Natural Hair and your current Hair Colour are just some of the factors that are beneficial to consider before lightening.

So, if you are thinking of lightening, these simple rules will make your lightening journey much easier and more understandable.

1. The Do's and Don'ts of Lightening


Try and Colour over already Coloured Hair.
Don't use Bleach unless you seriously know what you are doing.
Don't believe Bleach is the only way to Lighten.


Colour Remove any existing Darker Hair Colour that is in your Hair.
Use Colour and Developer over Natural Hair Colour.
Set out your goal then create your Lightening plan before you begin.

2. It's all about your products

Your product choice will make all the difference to your Colour result.


Pick an unrealistic shade. Don't expect to go from Black to Blonde with one touch.
Use any old Colour and Developer. The wrong pairing will result in the wrong shade.
Overlap your current Blonde with another Blonde, unless you want a super Light, dried out Blonde.


Choose a Blonde shade that works best with your Hair needs. Would you be more suited to a Cool Blonde to counter Warmth? Will an addition of Gold give your Hair the boost it needs?
Take the time to choose the best Developer for your Colour needs.
Apply your mixture to Natural Hair.

3. Get to know the Lightening journey before you begin

When your Colour takes a journey from Dark to Light, the image in your head may differ from the reality. Your Hair will go through stages while lightening and it's important to hold on and keep the faith, waiting until the job is complete. You'll see your Colour lightening and change from Red to Orange to Gold to Yellow until it reaches its new shade.


Scream at the sight of Orange, think it is all a big mistake and wash your Hair.


Follow the timing of your Colour mixture.

4. Got Greys? Tailor your products

If you have over 70% Greys and your Natural Hair has begun to trend lighter, it's time to make some changes to your Hair Colour.


Continue to use strong Developers, your Hair no longer needs the lightening strength.
Be upset if your much loved Colour has become translucent. It may be time to swap to a Colour with more depth to grab onto your Grey, pigment-less Hair.


Switch to a 20 Volume Developer to cover Grey Hair. Consider adding a touch of Gold or switching to a Natural Blonde shade with depth to get better coverage and gloss.
Embrace the change. Once upon a time lightening your Dark Hair was a nightmare to achieve and maintain — now you can have more fun with these Lighter shades and add dimension with the 30% Hair that isn't grey.

5. Do Tone

Your Toner is key to your Blonde experience. You may prefer your shade to have a Cool, crisp reflect or find Warmth can wreak havoc through your shade while Lightening — Toning is a common need when lightening.


You will inevitably experience some Orange Tones while Lightening. Don't freak out and just throw another Colour over your Hair. It is a normal part of Lightening and completely fixable.
Use a Toner Darker than your Colour to Tone, unless you want a Darker shade.


Use a Toner Kit that has the same Lightness or is Lighter than your Hair Colour.
Choose a Toner Kit with a Cool Ash or Beige pigment that will Tone, while also replenishing your Colours gloss and shine.

6. Take care of your Blonde, she is delicate

Lightened Hair has been under stress making it prone to damage and breakage.


Use rough, oppressive brushes, overindulge in hot tools or spend days with your Hair held up by tight, grabby Hair elastics.
Brush wet Hair.


Protect your Hair from the sun and salt.
Invest in high-quality shampoo and conditioners.
Use a Wide Tooth Comb to gently comb your wet or dry Hair.
Swap tight elastics for silk scrunchies and Hair clips.

7. If you decide Blonde isn't for you

So you've Lightened and you're not happy and all you want to do is go back to a Darker Shade, no worries.


Use Colour Remover, you can't remove Lightened Hair.


Choose a new Hair Colour mixed with a No Lift Developer to apply over your Lightened Hair.
If you're new Colour is more than 3 shades Darker, use a Filler Colour before Colouring to build pigment back into your Colour.

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