Hair 101: How to Colour your Regrowth

Start saying goodbye to your monthly Hair appointments and hello to your new found Hair freedom.

What scares you the most about doing your own Hair?
Is it the doom drilled into you from your Hairdresser during your regular appointments?
Oh the amount of disasters I’ve had to clean up over multiple sessions, she says.
I’ve had to cut it all off before because it was so bad, he says.

But what happens when you can’t keep up with your regular appointments because of time or monetary issues? Then what? You’re doomed to a lifetime (ok probably weeks) of bad Hair?!

No way. Regrowth is a great way to get started with our Range for 3 reasons.
1. Because we use the same quality Colour your Hairdresser is using.
2. It’s an easy introduction to doing your own Hair.
3. It gives you the freedom of time, the ability to get creative and you get a sense of satisfaction when you’ve done it.

Next step is to see which best describes your current Hair situation.

You’re Colouring in between your salon visits for Highlights/Foils.

Choose a Colour a shade Lighter than your Natural Hair Colour or a Colour that is in-between your Natural and Highlighted Colour, so you can blend / soften your roots into your Highlights. Try a Natural or Ash Colour to keep it in sync.

You’re touching up or matching to a previous Hair Colour.

Begin with the basics. Match the Colour to what’s already on your Hair while taking into account your Natural roots. The important part here is to choose a Developer that is strong enough to match the Colour.

You’re covering Grey’s.

Choose a Natural or Golden Colour with a 20 Volume Developer. These Colours are designed specifically for Grey coverage and grab well to stubborn Hair.

Before you begin Colouring, stick to these rules:

Sectioning is key.
Keep your application to thin sections to ensure good, even coverage.
Keep the Colour on the regrowth only, try not to overlap on to the Colour in the ends.
Colour evenly.
We always recommend using a Tint Brush for a precise application.

Now for the application.

Step 1

Divide your Hair into 4 sections. Clip each section.
Tip: Start Colouring your Hair from the bottom section. If you start around your face, that Colour will be left on the Hair too long on finer Hair, so the Colour will go much darker.

Step 2

To apply the Colour create horizontal rows in the lower sections and vertical rows in the top sections.

Starting with one of the lower sections, create horizontal rows around a centimetre thick and apply your Colour to your regrowth.

Only paint the new Hair and avoid your Coloured ends.
Work through your sections until all your roots are Coloured.

Step 3

Allow your Colour to process and develop.
Tip: If you want to continue your Colour through to your ends, try the Colour Top Up Technique.

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