Hair 101: How to choose the Hair Colour that will suit you

Do you have a Warm, Cool or Neutral Skin Tone?

There is a Hair Colour out there for everyone and on the path to finding that perfect shade it’s ok to admit we’ve all had some shockers — the what was I thinking, did I think that really looked good, Hair moment.

It’s easy to pick out Hair Colours that you love, picking ones that love you isn’t as simple without knowing one important factor: your Skin Tone. Your Skin Tone holds the key to which Colours are nay or yay for you, which highlights and which will have you collapsing like a jumbled mess on the floor as you chalk up another Hair moment. So before jumping into the deep end, why not start in the shallows and flip over your wrist to discover your very own Skin Tone, while your new life of Hair Colouring awaits.

Warm Skin Tones

Warm Skin Tones have Green veins.
Have Warm, Olive and Bronzed Skin Tones that can tan easily, however, some Warm Skin Tones can still be paler while still having Olive or ruddier undertones. Have glowy, honeydew skin.
Eye Colours are majority Brown, Golden Brown, Hazel or Green but some Warmer Skin Tones can have a variety of eye Colours.

Warm Skin Tones Should Avoid

Platinum Blondes.
Ash, Silver and Purple Tones.
Cool Tones.

Warm Skin Tones Should Choose

Chocolate Blondes.
Golden Blondes and Brunettes.
Copper and Auburn Shades.
Honey Blonde.
Caramel or Chestnut Colours.

If you have a Warm Skin Tone with Fair to Medium complexion choose:

If you have a Warm Skin Tone with Olive to Dark complexion choose:

Cool Skin Tones

Cool Skin Tones have Blue / Purple veins.
Have Light, Fair Skin with a pinkish or Peach hue that struggles to tan or takes a while to tan.
Eye Colours are Light Blue, Green or Emerald but some have Dark, Navy Blue to super Dark Brown.

Cool Skin Tones Should Avoid

Golden Colours.
Red or Coppers.
Honey and Chocolate Shades.

Cool Skin Tones Should Choose:

Extra Light Blondes.
Natural Tones.
Ash or Cool Beige Blondes and Brunettes.
Jet Black.
Violet or Plum Hair Colours.

If you have a Cool Skin Tone with Fair to Medium complexion choose:

If you have a Cool Skin Tone with a Darker complexion choose:

If you’re wondering, yes, you can be a combination of both — it’s called a Neutral Skin Tone and it means you have the best of both worlds. Life is your oyster, Neutral Skinned beauties!

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