Hair 101: Changing from Blonde to Brunette

The nitty-gritty details, you need to know. 

Coco Chanel once said “A woman who cuts her Hair is about to change her life”. True Coco, but have you ever Coloured your Hair such a different shade that when you walk past the mirror you don’t realise you’re looking at you? Thrilling.

So when that Colour change starts calling, it’s worth reading about the nitty-gritty details regarding such a big change, so you can finally pull the trigger and satisfy that new Hair craving smoothly.

Before you start:

How many Shades are you travelling down the Colour ladder? A big Blonde to Brunette Colour transformation can cause the Hair to have a Green tinge. Basically, if you’re Colouring your Blonde with a Brunette that is more than 3 shades Darker, you need a Colour Filler.

A Colour Filler is an in-between Hair Colour that you apply before your Brunette Shade to build pigment back into your Hair so the two Colours can connect and blend into one, smooth Hair Colour.

When you need a Colour Filler.

A Colour Filler needs to have a Warm pigment, regardless of the Brunette you want to be and 1-2 Shades Lighter than your goal Brunette.
For example:

The best Colour Filler is a 7.3 Golden Blonde. Mix with a No Lift Developer and apply your Colour mix to your pre Lightened Hair only, not your Regrowth. Once your Colour Filler has processed, washed out and your Hair dried — you can apply your goal Brunette.

Now to Choose your Brunette

Brunette’s are far more diverse than they are given credit for with a variety of hues to choose from to compliment your Skin Tone. For a pure Brown with an ultra glossy finish that is also super shiny — a Natural Brunette is a straight up Hair Colour with no added pigments, just smooth, dewy hues courtesy of each Hair Colours hydrating ingredients.

Warmed skinned beauties looking for a Brunette as full and balmy as their Skin Tone will love a Warm Brunette that's full of flavour. Nothing enhances your Hair and complexion quite like a Warm hued Hair Colour with its bounds of energy that counteract dull flat Hair with copious amounts of rich, gleaming bronzed hues. Hot Tip: Warm Brunette Shades, like 5.53 Chocolate Brown, Golden Chocolate pigments work as a mirror making your Hair look thicker and shinier.

At the other end of the spectrum lie Cooler, Light Brunettes (Dark Blondes) to flatter our Cool Skinned visions. The allure of their creamy Beige Tones (6.2 Dark Beige Blonde combo) and their trademark nonchalant vibe make a perfect match with the Cool Skin Tone as do crisp, smokey hued Shades like the Dark Ash Blonde.

How do you feel about going from Blonde to Brunette — yay or nay?

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