From Very Dark to Very Light — How To Easily Choose Your Next Hair Colour

If you’ve been thinking about changing up your Colour or are struggling to select a Shade, here is the perfect place to start.

Us colourers can be a temperamental lot when we want to be. I want a Hair Colour that's light, but not that light, no no that’s way too dark— let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of saying these words. If choosing your Hair Colour is a decision that keeps you up at night we’ve made your selection easier by refining Hair Colours into 6 types — Very Dark, Dark, Not Dark, Not Light, Lighter, Very Light and Very, Very Light — keep reading to discover yours.

Very Dark

When you like depth as Dark as midnight and a Hair Colour that has such pure, glassy shine it looks like each strand is engulfed with a million miniature mirrors, these shades deliver en masse. There’s something so special about Hair Colours like these, each with pigments so intense and powerful. For exceptional depth, so Dark in fact you cannot possibly go Darker, 1.10 creates a serious mood with added crisp Blue reflects that ensure your Colour is not heavy and flat. While 3’s rich Brunette pigments refresh your Hair with a breath of deep Brunette hues and a glossy, au-Naturale finish. Not to be missed is 4.66 that swaps extreme depth for intense Rose Red pigment.


Mastering how Dark you want your Hair Colour can be hard to gauge in the beginning. Luckily there is quite the array of Shades filling in the gap between Brunette and Dark Blonde to ensure the Brunette you want is easy to achieve. Meet the Light Brown family, luxuriously rich Shades that are immense in light-reflecting pigments and full of variety. For a Natural styled Brunette, 5’s big impact Brunette hues keep the shine and dewiness in your Colour. If volume is what you are going for, 5.53 and 5.64’s plumping, multi-dimensional tones will do just that. 5.53’s bronzed Chestnut Brunette blend has the perfect amount of smooth, Chocolatey Warmth or if you are looking for a Hair Colour full of lusciously loaded pigment, look no further than 5.64’s supersonic Copper Red.

Not Dark, Not Light

When the Colour you are describing in your head sounds rather like “lighter than a Light Brown, but Darker than a Blonde”, Dark Blonde is exactly where you want to be. Light without being too Light and just Dark enough, Dark Blondes in-between style gives them the easy to use tag. Keep your Colour fresh as a daisy with 6’s pure Natural hues, our go-to when we want a boost of dewy Colour pigment. For a cooler, creamier Blonde, 6.2’s velvety Beige pigments bring a smooth mellowness into your Hair Colour or try 6.22 to awaken your Hair Colour with big high-shine Violet pigments that offer intensity without the Warmth.


Okay, so we know one of the biggest challenges of being Blonde is the upkeep, so take the pressure off with a Blonde that requires less maintenance and switch to one of these Medium Light Blonde Shades. Enjoy the ease of 8 Light Blonde’s luminous Natural tones that fill your Hair with brightening pigments and seamlessly shiny tones. If 8 isn’t bright enough, dial up the intensity with 8.44’s double hit of glowing Copper and add an extra healthy dose of Warmth into your Hair Colour. Or, on the flip side, eliminate any Warmth and the nasty brassies with 7.1’s icy Ash pigments and cool your Colour into a glistening dirty Blonde.

Very Light

So you like your Colours light and bright? We don’t blame you. Take your Hair Colour to new heights with these flawless Very Light Blonde Shades that will cater to all your Blonde needs. Keeping your Blonde natural has never been easier with 9’s perfectly balanced Natural pigments, preserving your Colours freshness and radiant Blonde shine. If you prefer your Blonde dressed with a hint of honey, 9.3’s soft Golden hues deliver a warming, light-reflective glow. But if a sleek Blonde is more what you are after, look no further than our best-selling Blonde, 9.1. Formulated with extra strength Ash pigment, 9.1 keeps brassiness away while still maintaining a glossy, Cool Blonde.

Very, Very Light

If the platinum life is for you, these Blonde Shades will have you swearing off Bleach forever. Meet the Highlift Blondes, 3 platinum Blonde Shades formulated with extra-strength lightening powers and specialised Cooling pigments that keep your Blonde lusciously Toned. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is which Cooling pigment you want your Blonde infused with — 901 for icy Ash pigments, 902’s creamy, pillowy hues or 908’s high gleam satiny silver hues.

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