6 bad Hair habits we are quitting now

Bye bye bad habits. Hello Hair!

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We have already told you our Hair Resolution’s for this year, which, by the way, are going quite successfully. We are having particular success with improving our Colouring abilities. Now we are into the year, we thought we would take it one step further. Our focus is now cleaning out the old and making way for the new. New habits that is. Do you want to know what habits to quit? Read on.

Stop! No more chop and change

Its hard for us you know. All these Colours at our disposal, all these ideas in our head. Monday we are Blonde, dreaming of being a Brunette. Tuesday we become one. The next month we write the Colour of the Year article and now we want to be Beige. Like a puppy, your Hair needs a little consistency. Put the effort into the right application. Have a plan, stick with it. Change is great, just not every month.

Goodbye Unruly roots

Unruly, grey gardens-esque roots are a big no no. Growing out dark roots, when the rest of your Hair is an Orange Blonde, is not ombre. This bad habit is one of the worst. Don’t do it to yourself. Set alerts on your phone, write it in your diary, do anything to remind yourself to keep your regrowth up to date and your Colour fresh. Or choose a low maintenance style.

I will not just use whatever is around

We get a lot of emails from people who have found what ever is in the cupboard, mixed it up, slapped it on, hoping for a last minute miracle only to be devastated with the outcome. Oh and there always seems to be an enormous event the next day. You need a Colour, we are available 24/7. Don’t settle, don't just use what you have, invest. Avoid the drama and wait for the Colour you want to be delivered, rather than spend triple the time dealing with the mess you will create.

I will not keep jumping on the bandwagon

Get inspired. Change your Colour with the seasons. Follow your Colour dreams, but don’t keep jumping from one bandwagon to another every time you get your latest edition of insert name here. Take care of your Hair, choose a style that suits you and don’t fall victim to whatever the latest and greatest stylist to the stars is telling you must have.

I will stop with the unnecessary

I will stop the unnecessary Bleaching. Or stop using a stronger Developer than I need, because that's all I have. I don’t really need to straighten my Hair every day. I will not, however, consider washing unnecessary.

I will stop trying to fix split ends

If its broke you ain’t fixing it. If they're split or dead, no amount of treatments regardless of how expensive they are, will bring them back to life. Cut it off! Clean it out! And bring new life and energy to your Hair.

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