8 Things You Must Know Before Becoming A Brunette

Sure, being a Brunette is one of the easier Colour transformations but don’t underestimate it.

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You’re thinking of starting a journey into the realms of Dark, Glossy Hair Colours and the appeal of a silky smooth Brunette is now too much to avoid. And now, that change is upon us. Sure, being a Brunette is one of the easier Colour transformations but don’t underestimate it. There are some important things about your upcoming Colour transformation you should know. Keep scrolling.

1. It’s more than just Brown

Really try thinking about what Colour you really want, rather than just describing it as Dark. Are you looking for a Natural looking Colour? How Dark do you actually want it?

Take these pointers into consideration:

If you find your Hair Naturally has a lot of Golden or Red Tones, choose a Natural shade.

If you have a dull Colour or more than 50% Greys, consider using a Golden Colour to bring some vibrancy back into your Hair.

If your Hair looks fine and flat try a multi pigment Colour to create the illusion of thick, voluptuous Hair.

2. If you’re making a big Colour change, be prepared for it.

When you unwrap your Hair and look in the mirror for the first time post washing, you may be startled by the Hair Colour looking back at you. Allow yourself some time to adjust to your new shade and be open to trying new makeup and clothing options. Brunette shades work wonders with your Skin Tone and illuminate the eyes. Embrace it.

3. Do you need a Colour filler?

If you are making a big Colour transformation from Light to Dark and Darkening your Hair more than 3 levels you will need to use a Colour filler.

For Example: Your starting Colour is an 8 Light Blonde and you want to be a 3 Dark Brown. That means you will be transitioning 5 levels down the Colour ladder to become a Brunette.

You need to use a Colour filler to put Warm Colour pigment back into your Hair so your new Brunette has a base to build off, otherwise, you may be surprised with a Khaki Green Brunette.

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4. Avoid

Once you’ve switched to the Darker side you’ll want to avoid clarifying, volumising or any other shampoos and conditioners that are designed to open up your Hair cuticles. They will strip and fade your Colour very quickly.

5. Get ready to Shine

Dark Hair Colours are show ponies, they love to be in the Light showing off their glossy, shiny side. And you know, glossy Hair is Healthy Hair!

6. Your Colouring Routine

Your first Brunette Colour application will cover your entire head. When it’s time to touch up your Regrowth, Colour your Regrowth only. Applying Colour to the ends of your Hair every-time-you-Colour will cause Colour Build Up that makes your ends look heavy with Colour while your Regrowth is fresh and Vibrant. Instead, use the Colour Top Up Technique when you need to refresh your ends.

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7. What Developer Should I Use?

When you’re going from Light to Dark you don’t need to Lighten your Hair, use a No Lift Developer. If you have a few Grey’s sparkling through, use a 20 Volume Developer.

8. What about if I get over it?

We’ve got your get out plan: Colour Remover. It will remove your Permanent Hair Colour and get you back to the beginning. Just remember, the Darker the Colour, that more applications of Colour Remover are needed. Patience young Jedi.

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