8 easy Hair Resolutions to stick with this year

8 Hair resolutions that are equally realistic and achievable all at once.

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At the end of last year, I took note of the resolutions we made and I'm pretty happy with how well I stuck to them, particularly because my resolutions generally fizz out come February. Now this new sparkling year is here and last year's resolutions didn’t make me feel a failure, we have another round of Hair resolutions that are equally realistic and achievable all at once.

1. I will take a journey around my house, through my bag, car, cupboards and put all my bobby pins together in one communal jar because I do not need to buy a new packet every time I go shopping.

2. I will stop hoarding dodgy Product. Goodbye waterlogged shampoos and conditioners that I have been saving in the bottom of my shower. So long to those half used tubes of Colour and Developer that I keep pushing to the side each time I Colour. Time to throw out those Products I’m never going to use. Hello to the new Product that I will.

3. I will keep growing my Colour skill set and continue to get educated (by keeping up to date with the My Hairdresser Blog) on all things Hair Colour. This year is for mastering Highlights and their application.

4. I will try and wear my Hair more than one way (in my case a top knot) this year.

5. I will use cold showers for the better of my Hair because it works - we tried it.

6. I will keep my Hair in good condition by doing treatments, using the right products and combing my Hair.

7. I will keep on top of my regrowth.

8. Yes, this has featured on every resolutions list we have ever had, but it's still important. Get regular Hair Cuts. When your ends are split, cut them - there is no hope of repairing them, ever.

Now you know our Hair resolutions, what are yours?

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