8 Common Colour Complaints and How To Fix Them

Before you make any rash decisions, like reach for the scissors, we have compiled a list of common complaints and how you can rectify your problems.

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Great Hair Colour can be one of your trademarks and a beautiful way to compliment and highlight your Natural features. But when things go wrong, it can throw you into a serious stage of panic. So before you make any rash decisions, like reach for the scissors, we have compiled a list of common complaints and how you can rectify your problems.

I want to be Blonde .. NOW

For some people, becoming a Blonde can be a journey and is a Colour that you shouldn't just expect to happen straight away. On a lot of occasions, it can be a multi step process and its worth considering a Blonde plan.

Here are a few things you should consider when setting up your Blonde plan:

What Colour are you Naturally and how Blonde do you want to be?
Will you need to Colour Remove any Colour Build Up first?
Can you get to your desired Colour through Hair Colour or will you need to use Bleach?

When it comes to Blonde Hair, patience and a little experience will definitely be your best friend.

My Colour is too dark

We might love a Hair Colour, but that does not mean it’s the right Colour for us in reality. There is nothing worse than choosing your beloved Colour, to find it is far too dark for you and then you panic - what do I do now? Take a deep breathe and reach for a Colour Remover. If you just want the Colour a shade lighter, use the Colour Remover on wet Hair to remove / lighten the Colour slightly. Or if it is just too much, follow the normal instructions and Colour Remove the Colour completely.
Or have you been Colouring your Hair for awhile with the same Colour and it keeps getting darker and darker and washing you out? This is because you have Colour Build Up and your Colour is overdue for a refresh. Use Colour Remover to clean out your Colour Build Up. Remember it may take multiple applications. Why not take this time to think about switching things up and try to alter your Colour or try a new style you have been considering.

My Colour is too Blonde

Over processed, over lightened Blonde Hair can be very unflattering and just looks too Blonde. The good news is this can be easily fixed. Use the Toner Kit to Tone down your Hair to a smoother Colour. Or try adding lowlights to your Hair or gradually Colour with a darker, more Natural Blonde. Remember, when dealing with Extra Light Blondes, to regularly condition and apply treatments to your Hair.

My Colour keeps fading

Are you a lover of vibrant or intense Colours then go free range and constantly wash your Hair, use heated styling tools, swim or be quite active outdoors and then have an issue when your Colour fades quickly? These Colours need a significant amount of investment and all these factors will fade or alter your Colour. Learn how to look after your Colour with regular treatments, using heat protecting Products and washing your Hair less. You also need to protect it from the Natural elements. Invest in your Hair like you would any other part of your body.

I have had a disaster

First off, take a big breathe and take a moment to calm down. Begin by realistically evaluating the situation and accept that it might take you a few stages to fix the problem. Just like being at the Hairdresser, Home Colouring shouldn’t be rushed and you should apply some research before you begin. Colour Remover is the go to with these kind of Colour mistakes. You can use it multiple times, without causing damage to your Hair, until it clears your Hair of the Colour disaster, and even the Colour Build Up, so you can start again.

I hate my Colour Banding

Colour banding occurs when your root application overlaps your previously Coloured Hair. The overlapped section, or banding, will become darker because it is Coloured twice as much. It makes your Hair look lighter at the roots, darker in the middle and lighter at the ends.
Colour bands can be solved and prevented. Firstly, try using Colour Remover to remove as much Colour Build Up as possible. Highlights can also help break up the banding. When doing your roots, prevent banding by not taking the new Colour though your ends.

I have a Green Tinge

You generally expect to hear about Blonde Hair going Green after exposure to chlorine. But it can actually occur when Colouring Grey Hair or when Colouring Blonde Hair Dark, as a result of not using enough warmth.

When Colouring Grey Hair you can avoid Green Tones by using a Colour with Warmth. For example choose a Colour with Golden, Red, Mahogany or Copper reflects. Or add a squeeze of a Warm Colour to your Natural Colour mixture.

For example: You are Colouring your Grey’s with a Natural 8 Light Blonde and noticing Green Tones. You can add 7.3 Golden Blonde to your Natural Colour mixture to help eliminate Green Tones and add Warmth to your Hair.

Avoiding Green Tones when going Blonde to Dark can be easily solved in 2 separate Colour processes.

Firstly, you will need to choose a filler Colour that will act as a base that the Blonde will first absorb. This filler Colour should be a Natural, that is the same Colour shade or a shade Lighter than the Colour you want to be. Apply the filler Colour in the first process.

In the second process, choose a Warm Colour, for example Colours with Golden, Red, Mahogany or Copper reflects, that will be your goal Colour. We use Warm Colours as they help eliminate Green Tones.

For example. You have a 9 Extra Light Blonde Hair Colour and want to be a 5 Light Brown. Your filler Colour would be a 6 Dark Blonde. You would then choose a Warm Colour such as 5.53 Chocolate Brown for your ultimate Colour.

The processes can be done in the same day or over time. Remember the Hair needs to be dry before each process.

My Colour and Lifestyle do not mix

Fact: You cannot have high maintenance Hair and a time poor life. Don’t have heavy high lights or a High Lift Blonde, if you cannot maintain your regrowth every 3 - 4 weeks. If time is not your friend, choose a Colour no more than 2 shades lighter than your Natural Colour or choose styles like Balayage for a more low maintenance Hair style.

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