How To Choose The Right Blonde For You

Blondes, Blondes, Blondes. They are beautiful, multi dimensional and apparently have more fun. There are so many different Shades of Blonde, each with their own Tones and Reflects. The beauty about Blondes? There isn't just one Colour for everyone. There are Ash Blondes, Warm Blondes, Natural Blondes, Light Blondes, Dark Blondes.
We have broken down the different Blonde Tones, to help you know exactly what you want for your next Colour.


Natural Blonde Colours Act as a Beautiful Colour Base. They have no other reflects or pigments because they are a straight Colour. Naturals are perfectly balanced and Toned, and a great starting point when Colouring. 

Here are some examples


Ash Hair Colours are Cool Colours, with dominant Blue and Green Pigments that give the Hair a Silver / Grey Colour. Ash Colours are used as Toners, as the Cool Colour Pigments Tone down Warm Colours (Red/Orange) in the Hair. Ash Tones do not refer to how Light or Dark the Blonde is, Ash Tones are the Hue it adds to the Hair.

Here are some examples


Golden Hair Colours are Warm Hair Colours, with dominant Yellow and Orange Tones. Golden Colours are very popular due to their Natural looking Colour results. They also suit the majority of Skin Types, due to their Natural results.

Here are some examples


Beige Colours are Cool Hair Colours that are very dominant. They have strong Blue and Green Tones that can leave the Hair with strong Green reflects. Beige Hair Colours are fantastic to mix with other Blondes or Natural Hair Colours to Tone down your Warm Tones and create a smooth Hair Colour.

Here are some examples

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