8 Rules of Home Hair Colouring

These 8 rules are our Hair Colour Commandments.

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We love being in control of our Colour’s destiny. To be able to whip up a mixture, apply and process it, while catching up on Netflix, is one of lifes great accomplishments. Flash to the post blow dry, where you comb your fingers through your Hair thinking - I did this. Oh the satisfaction! It's time to stop putting your Colour dreams on hold and start doing. Here are our 8 rules we always stick to when Colouring our Hair at home (or the office).

1. Commit.

Before you buy the Product, before you even decide the Colour shade you want to be, you need to commit yourself. We mean, committing to the process and journey. No switching halfway, no freak outs, plenty of patience. Respect the processes and acknowledge that some Colours may take time.

2. Remember your Hair History.

Nothing effects your new/future Colour as much as your previous Hair Colours. Take an account of your Colouring history for the last 18 months. Are there any processes that could affect your new Colour? Do you have any old Colour that needs to be Colour Removed? Did you know you can't lighten Hair that is already Coloured dark? All these things will effect your Colour outcome.

3. Stop the chop and change.

We don't mean Colour transformations or seasonal Colouring. We’re talking about those days when your walking down the Colour aisle of the supermarket and you like the look of the Colour on the box and you buy it on a whim. Fast forward two weeks where you are regretting your choices and thinking of jumping ship again. Like we mentioned in Rule 1; Commit. Stop with the impulse buys, stop mixing our Range with other peoples. Stop trying to cut corners, it always reflects in your Hair Colour.

4. Knowledge is key.

One of the most exciting things about Home Hair Colouring is how much you can learn and how creative you can be. Colouring is one of those things, the more you do it, the better you will be. So get familiar with the basics. Learn the different techniques and broaden your horizons. Before you know it, you will grow your skill set and be wondering how you ever did it any other way before.
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5. Instructions.

This is simple: know them, learn them, follow them. They are there for a reason.

6. Get the right equipment.

You’re not being a poser by having the same tools as the Hairdresser, it just makes life easier. Use a Tint Bowl and Brush for proper mixing and application. Use a good comb and sectioning clips to easily section the Hair and while you’re at it, have some fun playing Hairdresser.

7. Be realistic.

Yes, you can have a dream Colour, but let’s keep it realistic. The first question you should always ask yourself is, is it possible to achieve it? Will it suit you? Do I need to do it in one or multiple processes? How will your Hair history affect the outcome? It’s important because most Hair failures happen because of people’s unrealistic expectations and lack of effort.

8. Write it down.

After each Colour, write down the Colour (or Colour’s) and the Developer you used, for a quick and easy reference point for the next time you Colour. We also like to add if we did a regrowth touchup, highlights or a Colour top up to remind us for future Colours.

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