When you hate your Hair, how do you make it better?

*reads intensely*

It starts with a slight irritation every time you look in the mirror. Then it moves into shoving your mop of Hair up into a bun all day every day, thus when you take it out at the end of the day it’s still wet from the morning's wash. Next comes the breakdown. One day it accumulates into a head. Cue screaming, crying, throwing brushes, before its back up in the bun.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll do something about it.

Generalisations aren’t the best and what you hate about your Hair differs from person to person, so we don’t want to assume what your definition of “bad hair” is. Mine, for example, is when my Regrowth is Dark and glaring at me, knowing that I don’t have time to fix it, while my ends are screaming for a tone. And because my Hair grows quickly, we have this argument more often than not. Thankfully, I have The Range to fix my Colour around my schedule, but there are other times when I need to fully transform into another Hair Colour to fall back in love with my Hair again.

For others, their frustrations may come in thick and fast after realising they’ve chosen the wrong shade and hate the result.

Blaming your Hair for what you wish it was is useless plus a little too ridiculous if you ask us — remember that self love thing? Practice it, daily. Without criticism, doing a once over dry, clean Hair and giving it a good, honest assessment under natural light, to get an idea as to what your Hair needs from you to enable you to fall truly, madly, deeply back in love.

Now to action.

When your Colour is sending a shock through your system because it is straight up too Dark it’s time to change up your Shade. Keep in mind Brunettes and deep Reds are full pigments and enjoy coming on strong, so if a few Hair washes doesn’t soften your Colour, Colour Removing it out will. Don’t be tempted to throw another Colour on, you need to get rid of the Dark one before you can become a Light one.

If brassiness is what’s getting your goat, a Toner Kit or Toning combo like Ash or Light Beige Blonde mixed with a No Lift Developer will smooth that Warmth right down. If, in the case you Naturally throw a lot of Warmth, adjusting your Hair Colour to a Cool or Natural Shade will help to keep your Colour in check and needing less regular Toning.

If you’re dealing with blandness and a Colour that is too Light, adding a touch of depth back into your Hair with a Darker Hair Colour over the top may just do the trick. Our pick? A Golden Colour or a double pigment Chocolate shade to give you that fuller Colour you’re looking for.

Else, if your troubles continue we’ve got a whole team of Colour Consultants waiting patiently for your emails so they can reply with their product recommendations.

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