What Is The Natural Hair Colour Trend?

Meet the "no Hair Colour, Hair Colour" that saturates your Hair in exquisite sparkling pigments and flatters all skin tones.

You've heard of the "no makeup, makeup look" where you wear makeup that slightly enhances your beauty and features in a very minimal and natural way. Now meet the "no Hair Colour, Hair Colour" trend known as the Natural Hair Colour trend and it's here to stay.

The Natural Hair Colour trend embraces Natural Hair Colour Shades, meaning they are free from Warm or Cool reflects, that douse your Hair in exquisite sparkling pigments. Whether you're choosing a Light or Dark Natural shade, it's all about an effortless and low-key Hair Colour vibe that is designed to flatter everyone's skin tone. Natural Hair Colours are renowned for their gloss effect it brings to your Hair Colour, awakening dull Hair out of its slumber and into the arms of brilliant shine.

We're predicting Naturals are going to be big this year, and thanks to their simple one-tube application, it's just another reason to see why. These Hair Colours prove that pared-back elegant hues are 1. the height of luxury and 2. very easy to copy at home with our range.

Photo: Instagram @claudiaschiffer

Shine On: The Simple Very Light Blonde

Naturally nordic is how we've heard this Colour be described, I have always thought it has an old-world glamour to it. Either way, 9 Very Light Blonde is the perfect swap for anyone trying to move on from a bleached or Platinum Blonde to a more wholesome Very Light Blonde hue.

My Hairdresser
Very Light Blonde

Photo: Instagram @khloekardashian

Little Luxuries: The Not-So-Light Blonde

Redefining what it means to be Blonde, 8 Light Blonde's sandy hues are undeniably elegant and show-stoppingly smooth, acting like a multivitamin boost for your Hair. The gilded goldish tones beautifully camouflage dullness and pesky Grey's, bringing your Colour life again without the overloaded Colour maintenance plan.

My Hairdresser
Light Blonde

Photo: Instagram @kaiagerber

Elevate The Everyday: The Colour You Wish You Were Born With

If there ever was a cool-girl shade, 7 Medium Blonde would be it. Naturally nonchalant and casually chic, these illuminating Medium Blonde hues sit perfectly on the lightness scale and give great returns from such little Colouring effort.

My Hairdresser
Medium Blonde

Photo: Instagram @karliekloss

Minimal Masters: So You Want To Be A Brunette?

Landing in the middle of Dark Blonde and Brunette, 6 Dark Blonde is the perfect landing point when you are undecided on how much depth you want. With a simple sophistication and quiet glamour, these Brunette-esque hues refresh your Hair and complexion with the perfect contrast that makes your eyes and features pop.

My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde

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