These 8 Shades Will Give Your Hair and Skin An Instant Glow Up

Goodbye dullness. Hello, vibrancy. Hello, glowing Hair and complexion.

Ah, the power of the glow — we go wild for it don’t we? We’ve got tanners, eyeshadows, bronzers, even supplements to give us inner glow. We love it! So we’re only human when we declare we must take a more is more approach and take the glow from our toes to the tip of our Hair. You can go big or stick with something more subdued, the glow can be tailored to suit how glowy you want to be.

If flatness, heavy shadowing and dullness in your Hair and skin tone is a concern for you, a Warm Hair Colour Shade is a must-try. Their superpowers run two ways. Firstly, their brightening pigments are packed with potent expansive tones that catch the light, creating volume and adding the glowing vibrancy we are craving. Then the vibrancy trickles down into your complexion, imparting skin with a healthy glow and dousing it in light to minimise heavy shadowing.

I’m excited just writing this, so let’s not wait for another second — let the glow up begin.


Keep the sun-kissed glow through your Hair no matter the time of year with a shimmery, solid Gold shade. These liquid Gold Brunette and Blonde Shades encourage the light into your Colour boosting shine, while their subtle Warming undertones enrich Hair with vivid vibrancy.

My Hairdresser
Golden Brown
My Hairdresser
Golden Blonde
My Hairdresser
Light Golden Blonde

Power pigment

Behold! This stellar double Golden Mahogany pigmented combo blends into a magnificent, multi-dimensional Hair Colour. Chocolate shades are a volume lovers best friends, with two pigments — one that attracts light, the other that reflects it — that illuminate Hair with full-bodied Colours hues, jam-packed with indulgent show-stopping Warmth.

My Hairdresser
Chocolate Brunette
My Hairdresser
Chocolate Blonde

Just a dash

You may have always avoided a Golden Shade for fear of an overload of Warmth, but have you ever tried mixing a squeeze into your Colour mixture? Softening Gold with a Natural counter still delivers quite the Colour payoff, adding a subtle buzz of Warming infusion through your Hair Colour without having to make the full commitment.

My Hairdresser
Boss Blonde
My Hairdresser
Hazelnut Blonde
My Hairdresser
Milk Chocolate

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