No More Winter Woes With These Hair Colour hues

*The* Colours of the season!

Oh she’s here in all her cool, merciless Winter beauty and as I’m writing this, looking out my window at a greyed, wet and windy Sydney sky - I can’t help but imagine the Winter Hair Colour Shades I’m about to write about, against a crisp, Winter morning when everything is in HD (aka the world appears crystal clear), paired with a big chunky knit.

Alas, I’m inspired and so, I have the perfect answer to “what Hair Colour should I be?”.

The Scandi Blonde

You’ve read about the Scandi Blonde and its crisp, icy hues that move elegantly through their Platinum Blonde home that one would typically expect fit the brief of a Summer Shade. But, truthfully, no more season is the Scandi Blonde suited to than Winter. On a practical point, Winter is a low maintenance time of year for Blondes with less sun and swim, perfect for the Scandi Blonde. But it’s those glassy hues coordinated with a Winter wardrobe that are unbeatable.

Try these Shades: Extra Light Ash Blonde, Extra Light Beige Blonde or Extra Light Silver Blonde.

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine is a new thing for me that I’ve noticed showing up the last few years at Christmas in July parties. I’m not sure if I get drinking it, imagining those deep, pungent Plum Tones flowing through Hair is another story. I love big, bold Colours and if you do too might I suggest a mulled wine hue. Plum Shades are in a league of their own, offering you more than a standard Red or Brunette, who’s rich, billowing pigments ricochet light like a mirror. And you know what that means? Super shiny Hair.

Try these Shades: Pure Plum or Deep Chocolate Plum.

Bronzed Blondes

I’m a real advocate for Warmth. I love the way it glistens when it hits the sun, how it energises Hair that then spills into the complexion or how it’s the closest thing we in the Hair Colouring world get to a renovation. So come Winter, Warmth is the choice for people like me who are seeking to keep the sun kissed dream alive. The beauty here is the variety is enormous — Chestnuts, Coppers, Champagne Blondes — so although the weather can be duller you can still enjoy a full, Golden based Shade.

Try these Shades: Golden Blonde or Intense Copper Blonde

Raven Haired

It wouldn’t be a Winter forecast without talking about the deepest, Darkest Shades —one that is so Dark it’s like midnight and it shines like the stars on the clearest, Winters night. My favourite is big Brunette to Black Shades with Dark Winter brows or a sleek high pony or a middle part with curls that catch the Light at the top of every shiny curve. Mmm, there’s nothing like it.

Try these Shades: Dark Brown or Ebony Brown

Middle Blonde

Being stuck in the middle has never looked so good with Medium Blondes, as they’re known, the in between Dark and Light Blonde Shades that are best described as “just right”. The Medium Blondes offer you the chance to keep your Hair Colour low key chill, but still with a bit of spunk. Which for someone like me, means I don’t have to do too much to my Hair to have it looking goood.

Try these Shades: Medium Blonde or Ash Blonde.

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