It's Time To Spring Clean Your Hair

Goodbye hibernating hues, Colour Build Up and Banding — your Hair deserves a refresh. Here's how to give your Hair a Spring Clean.

Like your linen cupboard that's been overstuffed and nearly bursting until you succumb to a spring clean, your Hair too needs a little spring cleaning attention this time of year.

Why does one need a Spring Clean?

Application on top of application of Colour, overlapped shades, chop and changing Colours take a toll on your Hair, quickly showing up in its appearance — does any of this sound familiar? (We're looking at you Brunettes and Redheads. Come to think of it we're also looking at you Golden glamours, vibrancy lovers, even those of you who adore a smooth, toned shade.) You'll notice a patchy uneven Hair Colour, bright roots and dark ends or a Colour that looks over-toned. While your Hair has a heavy-looking appearance like it is full of product.

Doing a cleanse is essential to clear pigment out of your Hair shaft and breathe life back into your Hair. It will also dramatically improve the look and feel of your Hair.

Maybe you have a lot of Colour to cleanse or a little, are a beginner or a long-termer, purifying your Hair of as much pigment as possible with as little damage or intrusion to your Hair as possible is easily achieved regardless of your skill level. We've rounded up the three most common Colour Removing scenarios to get you in the cleansing zone.

1. The light freshen up.

When your Colour has gotten a touch heavy, a little less vibrant or your Toning has left your Colour patchy, applying your Colour Remover over the areas of troubled Coloured Hair will remove that excess layer of pigment and refresh your shade.

2. Clean the slate

Have you been Colouring with a dark shade and you can see and feel the build-up through your ends, even noticing some banding? It's time to clean out the Colour you once loved and get it back to where you used to be. Break your application into 2 rounds: first applying your Colour Remover over your Coloured Hair. After your first application check your Hair and apply your second Colour Remover mixture specifically to your built-up ends where your Colour still looks darker and duller. This method will help budge out the pigment softly, without causing the damage and chaos of bleach.

3. Deep cleanse all the way back

The aim is to give your Hair the ultimate Spring clean, doing a deep, deep purge of pigment to completely clear your Hair allowing you to start new. Depending on the Hair Colour you are removing, factor in 3 to 4 applications of Colour Remover to break up the build-up and get you back to your Natural shade.

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What you do after your Colour Removing spring clean all depends on your Colour wants. If your reason for Colour Removing was to get back to your Natural shade, follow up with the Light Blonde Toner Kit to cool the leftover brassiness. If you plan to reColour, allow your Hair at least 48 hours (we prefer a week) to settle before choosing a Hair Colour 2 shades lighter than your goal Colour.

To avoid Colour Build Up in the future, use the Colour Top Up Technique when Colouring to help maintain your Hair Colours vibrancy.

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