How To Stop Colouring And Start Embracing Your Grey Hair

Tips for transitioning smoothly to Grey Hair.

All too often we receive the same, or version of, email:

Dear My Hairdresser,

It’s time. My Grey’s have won. They started small and gradually multiplied until they completely took over. I can’t keep up, and so, I’ve made the decision, I do not want to Colour my Hair anymore. But I have a big blaring problem in front of me — 3/4 of my Hair is Coloured Dark, the other 1/4, Grey. Now I’m desperate to know, how can I clean out my Dark Colour so I can completely embrace my Greys?

Moving on.

Sound like moving on? Just know you aren’t alone and breathe a sigh of relief because we’ve developed a step by step plan for your Colour transition.

Step 1. Confirm it is Permanent Hair Colour you’ve been using.

Before following our advice, we need to confirm you have been Colouring with a Permanent Hair Colour, otherwise, this method will not work for you. Keep in mind, Permanent Hair Colour is as the name says — permanent — so it needs to be grown out, bleached out or Colour Removed out. A typical sign you’ve been using Permanent Hair Colour Remover is a strong grow outline.

Step 2. Clean Out Your Hair.

Use Colour Remover to clean out the ends of your Coloured Hair. This may take multiple applications based on the Colour shade you are removing and how long it has been in your Hair. Expect some Colour Build Up that will need to be budged also ensure you have enough Product to completely cover your Hair each time you apply your Colour Remover.

Tip: Only apply your Colour Remover to your Coloured Hair, don’t waste any Product mixture on your Natural, unColoured Hair.

Step 3: Assess The Colour You Are Left With.

Post Colour Removing, don’t be surprised to see your Hair left brassy — it’s from your previous Developer that likes to hang around. The next step is to Tone this Warmth down with a Toner Kit. Toning will help counteract and Cool down your Warmth, leaving you with a crisper Ash Colour that will blend smoothly with your Natural Grey Hair.

Step 4: The Future.

You may need another Tone to help maintain the Warmth in your ends until they have grown out. Furthermore, you may find in the future the starkness of Grey isn’t for you. You can use the Toner Kit for an icy, Cool wash over your Grey Hair Colour without committing to a fulltime Colour habit again.

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