How to Copy Kacey Musgraves Big, Bold Brunette

Big, bold and glossy. Does a Brunette get any better?

It’s not often we get to report on Hair Colours like this. One that is so Dark it’s close to midnight, but look again and you’ll see that big, bold cocoa Chocolate shining back at you. This is our kind of Brunette — a new way to have the high shine of Black without the heaviness of Black or the fear of being stuck. with. Black.

A Hair Colour like Kacey Musgraves is the holy grail of Brunette. Rich in dramatically simple Natural pigments, Kacey’s Brunette is neither Warm or Cool, no no, it’s the whole appeal is that it’s neutral. Because a neutral, Natural Hair Colour is a potent powerhouse of big, glossy Brunette pigment that’s like a million mirrors engulfing each and every Hair strand, so it shines and reflects light with every movement. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing.

So how does one go about copying a Hair Colour such as Kacey’s? By dropping the assumption that all Brunettes are created equal. A Brunette with this shine needs investment and that box from the supermarket won’t give it to you. You need a proper Hair Colour with buoyant Brunette pigments that cover your Hair without weighing it down in cheap, heavy Colour.

Copy her Colour with 3 Dark Brown. It’s pure, ultra-hydrating Dark Brown pigments are deep, superbly shiny and full of those rich, glossy Brunette hues we’re looking for. And 3 Dark Brown’s lightweight Brunette Colour formula allows your Hair to breath, giving you that big, Brunette like her’s with that same high shine, solid hue and silky feel. Mix with a 20 Volume Developer if you need a little help lightening, but most Colourers can settle for a No Lift Developer to deliver that glossy Brunette bomb.

But wait, there is another thing to celebrate. 3 Dark Brown is a Natural Shade, meaning all skin tones can embrace it because it suits them all.

What do you think, are you convinced? Is Kacey Musgraves Brunette soon to be yours too?

Feature Photo: Google Images

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