Honey Brunettes Are The Glow Up We've Been Calling For

These restorative Honey Brunette hues are the brightening, robust and complexion-loving Hair Colours we need right now.

With the silly Summer season on the horizon and all the planning that comes with it, I've begun scheduling in my proposed root touch ups as I'm adding events to the calendar. Right now, the Hair mood is a little tired and drawn out after a whirlwind 9 months and now I'm (well really, team My Hairdresser all agrees) realising I'm going to need a pick-me-up to carry me through to the end of the year. 

It's impossible to hear pick-me-up and not think a Warm pigment, their legendary for their revitalising qualities and volume creating abilities. None personify this like a Honeyed Brunette, a beautiful hybrid of depth, dimension, warmth and glow. These transformative tones aren't just an energy booster for your Hair, their shimmering hues bring a healthy glow to your skin tone minimising heavy shadowing in the face to give your complexion a lift. 

Harnessing the honeyed hues is easy with a handful of shades, varying in depth and intensity for you to choose from, including a dynamic Cocktail blend to get that perfect tone. 

Photo: Instagram @mirandakerr

Golden Honey Brunette

Awaken your Hair out of a slumber with 5.3 Golden Brown's superbly simple sun-kissed tones. Packed with brightening powers, the Golden Brown is famous for packing Hair with glorious glowing Warmth. Colours like these know how to invite energy back into your Hair thanks to a hearty saturation of liquid Gold reflects that smoothly shimmer through your Hair. 

My Hairdresser
Golden Brown

Photo: Instagram @ lornaluxe

Full Bodied Honey Brunette

When adding body to your Hair Colour is paramount, the Chocolate Brown's dual pigment Gold and Mahogany tones have the perfect blend of depth and highlighting reflects to create dimension and give your Colour life. Just wait this infusion of high intensity, richly radiant Honey hues will make you do love heart eyes. 

My Hairdresser
Chocolate Brunette

Photo: Instagram @taylor_hill

Soft Glow Honey Brunette

If luxe and laid back is more your vibe, look to the Milk Chocolate to dial down the Golden intensity to just a smooth buzz of Warmth, so it's subtle but still enough to make an impact. Image a beautiful, deep Brunette base serving notes of rich, creamy Honeyed hues to liven up your shade. 

My Hairdresser

Photo: Instagram @caradelevingne

For A Honey Brunette Bordering on Blonde

If you're attempting to shake some depth, without moving too far up the Lightening ladder, a Colour Cocktail of 5 Light Brown and 7.53 Chocolate Blonde will fulfil your dreams. These luxuriously Light-enough Tones still have a hint of depth, their 50/50 ratio lends just the right amount of Brunette and glowing Golden Mahogany reflects to create a superb Dark Honey Blonde. 

My Hairdresser
Light Brown
My Hairdresser
Chocolate Blonde

Photo: Instagram @lilyaldridge

For a Honey Brunette With Lots Of Depth

For a Honey hue that is rich in both depth and Golden tones, this Colour Cocktail harnesses a sumptuous 50/50 blend of 3 Dark Brown and 5.3 Golden Brown to make a bold statement. The depth with take centre stage and envelop Hair in delicious Dark tones, highlighted by gleaming reflects of Golden tones. 

My Hairdresser
Dark Brown
My Hairdresser
Golden Brown

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