Hair 101: What is a Plum Hair Colour?

Meet these out-of-this-world statement Hair Colours with mirror-like shine.

A Plum Hair Colour, sandwiched between Red and Copper, is Coppers moodier cousin that isn’t here for its brightness or ferocity, instead, Plums high impact electric hues are enriched with out-of-this-world glossy pigments that act like a million miniature mirrors catching the perfect light with every movement. There’s nothing Natural-looking about these Hair Colour Shades and that is their beauty. If you’re looking for your next Hair Colour to be a statement, it’s time you were introduced to our Plum Hair Colours.

What is a Plum Hair Colour?

Plums have the winiest looking tones of the family, drenching the Hair in full-bodied berried hues and a luxurious gloss. Their DNA is what makes them so interesting, composed of two pigments — rich, Warming Red and deep, indulging Cooling Violet — creating a Cool *and* Warm Hair Colour. Plum won't give you brightness or intense vibrancy but they will give you a high-impact light-reflective Shade with striking Plum Coloured Tones.

Why do I want a Plum Hair Colour?

For its intensity, full-bodied depth and potent Plum pigments. Plums saturating hues are like light magnets, giving your Hair the shine of a diamond and certain Shades like 4.56, 5.52 and 5.56 feature double pigment plumping powers, that will make your Hair look thicker and full of opulent hues.

Who does Plum suit?

Plums are all-rounders because of their Coolness and Warmth, making them accessible to both Skin tones.

Cool Skin Tones will find great satisfaction with 5.52 Deep Chocolate Plum or 6.22 Intense Violet and their dominant Cooling Violet hues. 

Warm Skin Tones will soak up 5.56 Intense Plum Red or 6.5 Pure Plums molten cherried Warmth.

Get inspired by these Plum Shades.

4.56 Deep Plum Red

A Deep cherry Hair Colour with a luminous and potent purple aftertaste and high gloss finish.
Suits: Warm Skin tones.

5.52 Deep Chocolate Plum

Supercharged Violet and Plum hues blend into a high-impact, high-shine deep berry Hair Colour.
Suits: Cool Skin tones.

5.56 Intense Plum Red

An intense, super-rich Plum Red with dual pigments that reflect and absorb Light to create serious volume.
Suits: Warm Skin tones.

6.5 Pure Plum

Plum. Pure, unfiltered, big-bodied, strikingly shiny Plum.
Suits: Warm Skin tones.

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