Your Guide to the Hair Colour Shades of Summer

And the Hair Colours of Summer are...

Annnnnnd we made it. Hello Summer! Hello long nights, hot days, sun kissed skin, happy hour. There’s nothing like a new season bursting with energy and newness and new wardrobes and new routines. And so, it’s only appropriate with the beginning of the Season comes a new round of Colours PERFECT for the Summer spell.

Here it is, our mood board with the Hair Colour Shades you can rock all Summer long:

Naked Beach Blonde

What screams Summer more than a Blonde filled with nonchalant naked, Natural tones? Nothing, and the Naked Beach Blonde is the universal Blonde, sitting in the middle of the Cool and Warm Blonde Shades, meaning it suits almost everyone. So when you want people to think you’re the easy going outdoorsy type, it’s time to introduce the Naked Beach Blonde into your life.

This Colour Suits: All Skin Tones
It’s great for: Previously Lightened or Highlighted Blondes looking for a more Natural looking Hair Colour. The most achievable Blonde if you have Naturally Dark Hair.


Bouncy, Bronzed Brunette

Nothing reinvigorates your Hair and Skin Tone quite like Gold. When your Hair is drenched in a Warm Colour, like this one, it attracts the light, giving you tonnes of volume and seriously shiny Hair. Embrace the Bouncy, Bronzed Brunette when you want your Colour to glow with sun kissed hues, without the sun damage.

This Colour Suits: Warm Skin Tones
It’s great for: Updating a flat, Brown Hair Colour ready for a change up. A brighter, Warmer Colour if you have really Naturally Dark Hair.


The Chilled Blonde

The chilled Blonde is Summer’s MVP. During the Summer months, the sun and swimming sessions can leave your Hair with a brassie tinge, which is when most people include a weekly purple shampoo. The Chilled Blonde Lightens the Hair into a crisp, waxy Light Blonde with Cool Ashy hues that double as a full time, built in Toner. So you can throw the purple away immediately.

This Colour Suits: Cool Skin Tones
It’s great for: Those looking for a sleek, smokey Light Blonde.


The Glossy, Summer Brunette

A Brunette filled with depth and dimension is a super glossy one and contrasting against sun kissed skin and a Summer wardrobe is a look that never goes out of style. 3 Dark Browns breathable Colour formula boosts the Hair with an oomph of rich, Brunette tones that will give you the silkiest, glassiest Hair of your life.

This Colour Suits: All Skin Tones
It’s great for: A bold Brunette statement and Colour enhancer.


Luminous Light

If you’re wanting to be a Platinum Blonde this Summer, 901 Extra Light Ash Blonde is the bleach free alternative to reach those sky high levels. With Cool pigments to keep your Colour Toned, 901 will transform your Hair into an airy, smooth Blonde monochrome dream.

This Colour Suits: Cool Skin Tones
It’s great for: Achieving an Extra Light Blonde without Bleach. A clean, toned Light Blonde in one Colour process. Those with Natural Light Brown or lighter Hair who want to Lighten to a Platinum Blonde.


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