5 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Hair

These no-big-deal-habits could be causing more harm than good.

So we know that blow drying and bleaching pollutes our Hairs environment, but have you considered that your daily routine could be the reason your Hair is looking brittle and broken? The truth is, these no big deal habits could be causing more damage than you realise and stopping these 5 habits pronto would seriously clean up your ecosystem.

1. Excessive Colouring

That continual chop and changing of your Hair Colour or the constant application of Colour on top of Colour on top of Colour will ruin your Hair Colour, loading it with Colour Build Up and leaving you with dry, damaged Hair that zips the vibrancy right out of your Colour.

So if you’re touching up your Regrowth, only apply the Colour to your roots. If you keep applying your Colour to your entire head every time you Colour, it will give you an uneven Hair Colour with Banding and Build Up. Instead, use our Colour Top Up Technique to your ends to even out your Colour without causing other issues when touching up your Regrowth.

2. Sun damage

Just like you worry about your skin and the sun, share the same concern for your Hair. Save your Hair from being burnt and dried out by protecting it with a hat and combing conditioner through your ends when you know a beach day is ahead for added moisture.

3. Water damage

Salt water might give you great texture, but left in your Hair for a few days will have you on the road to dreadlocks. Not to mention that spending enough time in chlorine can turn your Hair green. Giving your Hair a good, thorough rinse in fresh water should keep your Hair away from any nasties and help keep your Hair healthy.

4. Bad brushing

Don’t be ripping through your wet Hair with a brush trying to get rid of those knots piling up in your ends. Invest in a wide tooth comb to slowly and softly work through your ends in sections at a time until you have removed your knots. We even keep a wide tooth comb in the shower, to comb through conditioner that we’ll leave in while doing all our other shower jobs, before washing it out.

5. You’re using the wrong Products

This habit can be affecting many parts of your Hair routine. When you’re Colouring, make sure you are not using a Developer that is stronger than you need to. Make sure you are using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner for your Hair type that won't over or underwhelm it. Or are you using a clarifying shampoo on a full-time basis? Clarifying shampoos are strong and open up your Hair cuticle for a deep wash, but excessive use will leave you with dry and porous Hair.

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