The Busy Women's Guide To: Colour

The best part of Colouring your Hair at home is you can do it whenever and wherever you want, in half the time it takes at the salon. Plus you can do it while watching tv and check your emails during processing time. So when time is tight and you have a party to go to or a work/family function, stick to our guide to get the most out of your time and Colour.

I've got some time to kill, but not enough for a full head of Colour.

Perfect. Because you do have the time, touch up your full head of regrowth. During the last 20 minutes of Developing Time, comb the Colour through the rest of your Hair to give your Colour a booster, add vibrancy or provide your Hair with a well deserved Tone.

I'm busy and have a window of time to fit in a quick Colour.

Concentrate on your full head of regrowth. Once you have mixed your Colour and Developer seal up the bottle and tube tightly, for use next time!

I'm not kidding when I say, I barely have time to breathe, but I have a party to go to!

If you are really really short on time and you need a touch up, Colour your regrowth in your T section - your middle part and front Hair Line. This will cover you for multiple Party Hairstyles - High Buns, sleek middle part ponytails or wearing your Hair out with curls. It will also give the illusion that your entire head is Coloured.

Keep in mind
If you are short on time, don't try anything drastic incase you can't fix any issues. Focus on Colouring your regrowth, and leave your bigger changes to when you have a bit more time.

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