Hair 101: Warmth

What is a Warm Tone and why do I need them?

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Warm and Cool Tones are two key terms to describe a Hair Colour, that gives us so much information. Let’s say you are trying to describe to us what Colour you are looking to be. By saying it is a Warm or Cool Tone, automatically narrows that search down. Why? Because it tells us the Colours characteristics, specialities and undertones. So what is a Warm Tone, or a Colour with Warmth? Hint, they both mean the same thing and may cause a sudden desire to change your Hair Colour.

What is a Warm Tone?

Colours with Red, Copper and Golden hues are Warm Tones. Warm Tones are rich, brilliant and full of energy. Don’t automatically think because we say Red and Copper hues, means that Warm Tones are only extremely vibrant shades. Nope. You will find a variety of Natural looking Colours with Warm Tones, such as 7.3 Golden Blonde, that keep a bronzed, Natural hue.

Why do I want them?

Warmth does incredible things to your Hair. Warm Tones reflect light, so they make your Hair look lovely and shiny, which also creates the illusion of depth. This makes your Hair look thick and full, which isn’t as successfully achieved with Cool Tones.
By warming up your Hair, you add energy and vibrancy not only to your Hair, but also to your complexion. This is particularly perfect if you need to bring life back into previously lightened or over Toned Hair.
You get these beautiful, sun kissed hues, that make you look like your have been away on an exotic, sun filled holiday.
Use them to bulk up and make your Natural Colour exciting, yet still keep it in a Natural looking shade.
Warm Tones work wonders on grey or stubborn Hair, as they really grab to the Hair.
They are available in all spectrums of the Colour rainbow, from very light all the way down to dark Colours.

Where do I find Warm Tones?

You will find warmth in Colours with Red, Golden, Chocolate or Copper reflects. Stick to any Colour names with those key words in their description. Or focus on Colour numbers such as:

.3 for Golden hues e.g. 7.3 Golden Blonde, 9.3 Light Golden Blonde
.4 for Copper hues eg 7.46 Rich Copper Red, 8.44 Intense Copper Blonde
.53 for Chocolate hues e.g. 5.53 Chocolate Brown, 7.53 Chocolate Blonde
.6 for Red hues e.g. 5.64 Dark Red Copper, 6.6 Fire Red

Why not try one of our favourite Warm Colours?

Photo: Tumblr

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