Before you Colour

New to Hair Colouring? These are the most important things to know before you start Colouring your Hair.

Read this before Colouring

The must know questions and answers to discover for any new or well seasoned Home Hair Colourer.

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What Affects my Hair Colour?

Rather than whacking on your Colour and hoping for the best, discover the elements that can alter your Colour outcome.

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Regrowth 101

What, where and why is your Regrowth important? It holds the key to your Colour.

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How to Colour Grey's

Those fussy silver Hairs may require a slight adjustment to your Colour mixture for perfect Grey Coverage.

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Do You Know You Hair History?

Colouring straight over your Natural is easy, Colouring when there is already Hair Colour in your Hair may need some adjustments for a successful result.

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Why Can't I Lighten my Hair?

Do you currently have Colour in your Hair? Read this before Colouring.

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Hair Vocabulary

Ever wondered what that word means? We explain.

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Strand Test

Save yourself some time. A Strand Test is a small piece of Hair that tells you lots of information.

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Colour FAQ's

See the Colour questions we are asked most frequently.

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Colour Checklist

Now you're ready to Colour your Hair, follow our checklist to make sure you have the Products you need.

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Let our Colour experts show you how

If you're looking for personalised advice about your Hair Colour, our dedicated Colour Consultants are here to help!

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