Before you Colour

New to hair colouring? Discover the most important things you need to know before you start colouring your hair with the My Hairdresser Range.

What Affects my Hair Colour?

Discover the key factors that can impact your Hair Colour results, instead of just applying the dye and hoping for the best.

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Regrowth 101

Discover what hair regrowth is, where it occurs, and why it's crucial for maintaining your hair colour. Learn how regrowth holds the key to vibrant and consistent colour.

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How to Colour Grey's

Learn how to adjust your hair colour mixture for perfect grey coverage, ensuring those stubborn silver hairs blend seamlessly.

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Do You Know You Hair History?

Colouring natural hair is straightforward, but if your hair has been previously coloured, you may need to make adjustments for a successful result.

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Why Can't I Lighten my Hair?

Do you already have colour in your hair? Read this important information before attempting to lighten your hair.

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Hair Vocabulary

Ever wondered what that word means? We explain.

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Strand Test

Save yourself some time. A Strand Test is a small piece of Hair that tells you lots of information.

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Colour FAQ's

See the Colour questions we are asked most frequently.

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Colour Checklist

Now you're ready to Colour your Hair, follow our checklist to make sure you have the Products you need.

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Let our Colour experts show you how

If you're looking for personalised advice about your Hair Colour, our dedicated Colour Consultants are here to help!

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