Hair Vocabulary


Depth describes two things — the Darkness of a Hair Colour and the dimension your Hair Colour gives you, creating the illusion of Volume or a fuller, bigger Hair Colour. Colours that give you Depth will have multiple reflects and commonly have a Dark base.


We all have Natural Colour pigment that creates our Hair Colour. When Colouring we apply artificial Hair Colour pigment to our Hair to change its Colour appearance. When Colour Removing you are removing all artificial Permanent Hair Colour pigment. If you use bleach you are destroying / bleaching out all the Natural and artificial Colour pigment in the Hair. If you have Grey or White Hair you have Naturally lost your Natural Colour pigment.


Reflects are the secondary Colour that is prominent in sunlight or with movement. They give your Hair Colour character and dimension. Example: 5.53 Chocolate Brown has bronzed reflects that give you a full bodied Warm Hair Colour.


A Vibrant Hair Colour is one that is bright, striking or even intense. It is a Hair Colour shade that has great shine and stands out.


Is not referring to the temperature of your Hair, it is the Colour of your Hair. Warm Tones are Red, Copper and Golden. Warmth is also Naturally occurring and can especially come through when Colouring and if unwanted can be Toned out.


To Lift is to Lighten the Hair. It is most commonly used when describing Developer and Bleach. These products will “Lift” your Hair Colour to allow the Hair to be Lightened and Coloured.


To deposit Colour is to do the opposite of Lightening the Hair. It is most commonly used when describing No Lift Developer. When you deposit Colour, you are applying Colour to the Hair without a "Lift".

Pre Lightened

Pre Lightened Hair is previously Lightened Coloured Hair, most commonly done by Bleaching. It is generally the first step before applying another Light or Intense Hair Colour for a Vibrant Colour effect.


Porous describes the Hairs absorbency. If the Hair is porous or has high porosity it is thirsty and absorbs a lot more moisture. When you are Colouring porous Hair choose a Hair Colour a shade or two Lighter than your desired Hair Colour, as the Hair will absorb the Colour a lot faster and deeper into the Hair shaft, making your Colour look Darker than expected.

Cool Colour

This is referring to the Colour hue. Cool hues are commonly Blue, Green, Violet and Grey. My Hairdresser Cool Hair Colours are any Hair Colour that has an Ash, Beige or Silver reflects. These Hair Colours Cool the Hair and counteract any Warmth.

Warm Colours

This is Referring to the Colour hue. Warm hues are commonly Red, Orange, Yellow and Brown. My Hairdresser Warm Hair Colours are any Hair Colour that have Red, Copper, Golden or Chocolate Reflects. These Hair Colours bring Warmth and life to the Hair, to give you a fuller Colour. They are perfect for rejuvenating a dull Hair Colour or to Colour stubborn Grey Hair.


Tone refers to the Colour of the Hair, it has nothing to do with Lightness or Darkness. To add Tone to the Hair is to calm or soften a Colour, normally by adding Ash / Beige to a Colour. When Toning your Hair Colour you are counteracting Warmth by Toning the Red, Orange and Yellow out of the Hair.

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