Permanent Hair Colour FAQ's

General Use

What do I need with the My Hairdresser Hair Colour tube?

You will need a Developer to activate your Hair Colour. For easy application, a Tint Bowl and Brush or Applicator Bottle is also useful.

Can I get more than one use out of a Hair Colour tube and Developer bottle?

Yes. Both Colour and Developer are resealable. Reseal the tube and bottle and store in a cool place.

I have thick, long Hair. How much Product do I need to Colour my full head? 

We recommend doubling your Colour mixture ensuring you have enough Product to completely cover your Hair. Remember, all Colour and Developer are resealable. 

Is the My Hairdresser Permanent Hair Colour safe to use?

We always recommend doing a Skin Allergy Test before Colouring and always follow the instructions. 

Application & Processing

Can I apply my Colour to wet Hair?

No, damp Hair will affect the end Colour result. Apply Colour to dry Hair.  

How long do I leave my Colour on?

Grey and Fashion Shades: 40 minutes 
High Lift Shades: 45 minutes

What do I do once the Colour processing time is up?

Wash Hair thoroughly trying to get as much Colour out as possible. Then shampoo, massaging Hair and scalp. Rinse until water runs clear. Condition Hair as normal.


More than 50% of my Hair is Grey, do you recommend a specific Developer to use?

If you have 50% or more of Grey Hair we suggest only using a 20 Vol Developer with any My Hairdresser Hair Colour.


How much Developer do I need when Colouring with a High Lift Blonde?

Use 1 part Colour and 2 parts Developer. 

How long should I leave the High Lift Blonde Colour mixture on for? 

Process your High Lift Blonde for 45 minutes. 

Can I Colour my Hair Blonde, if my Hair is currently Coloured with a Dark Hair Colour?

No, you cannot Lighten Hair that is Coloured with a Dark Hair Colour. If you want to re Colour, follow our Why Can’t I Lighten My Hair Colour? guide to learn more.

I have Lightened my Hair and it has turned brassy, what do I do?

When going Blonde, it's quite common for your Hair to get Warm. Use a Toner Kit.  to Tone and Cool down any unwanted Warmth.

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