Colouring Grey Hair

Grey / White Hair has no pigment which means it absorbs Hair Colour differently, often making it resistant or resilient to Hair Colour. Our Permanent Hair Colour’s cover 100% of Greys, but our Naturals Range have been designed specifically for superior Grey Colour coverage.

Before Colouring

Prior to Colouring, it is important to establish the percentage of Greys. If you have more than 50% or 5 out of 10 Hairs that are Grey we recommend using a 20 Volume Developer mixed with a Natural Hair Colour for greater Grey coverage.

If you have 50% Greys or less, use any desired My Hairdresser Hair Colour and Developer.

Tips for Colouring Resistant Grey Hair

Choose a Natural Hair Colour and 20 Volume Developer. Leave on your Hair to process for 45 minutes.

If your Hair Colour is lacking vibrancy, mix a Golden shade in with the Natural Hair Colour for some added oomph.

Example: Mix 1/4 x 7.3 Golden Blonde with 3/4 x 7 Medium Blonde and 20 Volume Developer.

If you have patches of resistant Grey Hair, apply the Colour mixture to these areas first so they have more time to absorb.

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