How to Colour Grey Hair

Grey Hair has lost all its Natural pigment, leaving little for your Hair Colour pigment to grab onto or build off. This makes it seem like your Hair has become stubborn and resistant to Colouring. Altering your Colouring routine will give you better Grey coverage. 

The Rules of Grey coverage

Permanent Hair Colour gives you the best Grey coverage and Colour longevity.

The Natural Hair Colour formula is designed for supreme grey coverage. Their fresh, Natural Blonde and Brunette pigments engulf greys, restoring the Hair with pure, glossy tones that shine.

Know your amount of Grey Hair. Once you have 50% or more Grey Hair, use 20 Volume Developer exclusively.

The Best Hair Colours To Cover Greys

Natural Hair Colours have the fuller pigment needed to cover Greys and replenish shine.

Cool Shades will start looking transparent. If you still love a Cool Tone, use a 50/50 Colour mixture (1/2 Natural Hair Colour, 1/2 Cool Hair Colour) for better coverage with your favourite reflect.

For really stubborn Greys or when your Hair Colour has become flat and dull, use a Gold Shade for an extra dose of pigment. If the Gold is too intense try a 50/50 Colour mixture (1/2 Natural Hair Colour, 1/2 Gold Hair Colour).

Grey Colour Application

Apply your Grey mixture (Colour with 20 Volume Developer) around your face and through your part. Then apply your Lighter mixture through the back of your Hair over your darker, Natural regrowth. The best part? It will also add dimension to your Colour.

If you have patches of resistant Grey Hair, apply your Colour mixture to these areas first giving them the most time to absorb the Colour and leave your Colour mixture on your Hair for a full 45 minutes.

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