Strand Test

Strand tests are like doing a mini Hair Colouring process on a small amount of Hair to ensure you get the results you want.

Use a Strand Test to:

Test if your Hair Colour is what you want.
Test if you are using the correct Developer.
Test if the Hair Colour is Light or Dark enough to your taste.
See where you may need to make some adjustments to your Colour, without doing a full head Colour process.

How To Do A Strand Test

Step 1

Wearing gloves, mix a small amount of your desired Colour and Developer. Take a small amount of Hair from the back of the head, or in an area that can be easily hidden. Separate your Hair strand and clip away the rest of your Hair using Sectioning Clips, to stop any Hair touching the mixture.

Step 2

Apply your mixture to your Hair Strand. Leave on for the appropriate development time.

Step 3

Once development time is reached, rinse the mixture out. Dry Hair to observe results.

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