How To Tone Different Hair Colours

No matter the lightness of your Hair Colour, there is a Toning solution to best suit your Shade.

Do you have some pesky orange or yellow Tones messing with your fabulous Hair Colour? Yeah, me too. I naturally throw a lot of Warmth, so it doesn't matter if I am Colouring with a Light Blonde or Brunette— brassiness is always trying to kill the mood. The wonderful news is we have tailored Hair Toners to suit your Colour needs, so whether you're sporting a Platinum Blonde or beautiful Brunette, we've got the Toning solution with your name on it.

What causes Brassiness and Warmth?

Brassiness can occur naturally for people who tend to throw Warmth, spend a lot of time outside in the sun or the water, wash their Hair too much or are lovers of heat styling.  

Toning can be unavoidable if we're trying to:

Maintain a Cool Ash or Beige Colour
Keep a Neutral or Natural Shade
Maintain a glossy Light Blonde
Keep your sleek Brunette looking sharp and expensive
Colour your Hair very light

Our Toning solutions steer clear of purple or silver shampoos and treatments because we're all about gloss! shine! vibrancy! We want your Hair to radiate life, not settle for a flat, matte Colour. That's why we approach Toning with a focus on using a glossy Cool Colour pigment to soothe brassy Tones and replenish your Hair.

Benefits of Toning with a Cool Hair Colour pigment:

The Cool Ash, Beige, or Silver pigments soothe and counteract Warmer brassy shades.
You're left with a refreshed, sparkling Colour that has muted the Warmth without muting any shade or dimension.
Your Colour is left looking like a better version of itself, not fake silver or purple-filtered Hair.

How To Use The Toner Kits

Our Toner Kits use our Cool based Hair Colours, combined with our unique No Lift Developer to ensure your Hair is Toned and not Lightened. You have the flexibility to leave the Toner on your Hair for 5 to 20 minutes, depending on your Hair's Warmth and Toning requirements. You will watch your Hair change before your eyes and in some cases of extremely Warm or stubborn Hair, you may find it necessary to extend the Toning time to 30 minutes.

How To Choose The Right Toning Product For You

When selecting your Toner Kit you should:
Base your Toner on your current Hair Colour
Use a Toner with a Cool Colour with a similar lightness or Lighter
For example: If your Hair is Coloured with an 8 Light Blonde, use the Light Ash Toner Kit

Extra Light Silver Toner Bundle

Our lightest Blonde Toner features Extra Light Silver Blonde pigments, designed to Cool and add shimmer and shine to your Blonde locks.

Perfect for these types of Hair Colours:

Pearl Blonde Toner Bundle

Our creamy smooth Pearl Blonde Toner offers a less intense hue compared to Ash Toners. The Pearl Blonde Toner effectively mutes Warmth while imparting a pearl sparkle to your Hair.

Perfect for these types of Hair Colours:

Light Ash Blonde Toner Kit

Our cult classic Toner, the Light Ash Blonde essential, utilises cool Light Ash Blonde pigment to Cool and soothe Warmth while rejuvenating Blonde pigment with silvery Ash hues and Natural Blonde shine.

Perfect for these types of Hair Colours:

Dark Ash Blonde Toner Kit

Dark Blondes need help to stay Cool, crisp, and neutral without turning orange. Our deeper Ash Blonde Toning pigment gives a smokey cool-girl Blonde Tone to counteract those hard orange hues often seen in Medium to Dark Blondes and Light Browns.

Perfect for these types of Hair Colours:

Intense Ash Brown Toner Bundle

Our latest and favourite Toner bundle yet is known for its unique and intense qualities. It's perfect for seriously Toning and Cooling deeper, Darker Brunettes who want to eliminate that Red shimmer seen in the light, keeping your Colour sleek and rich in Brunette tones. This Toner utilises the wonderful Intense Ash Brown pigment to add all the right Tones to your Brunette Hair.

Perfect for these types of Hair Colours:

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