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Discover if Colour Remover is the right solution for your Hair. 

Proven time and time again, Colour Remover is the miracle product that doesn't just cleanse your Hair but radically improves its health, solidifying itself as a must-have for any Hair routine. But have you wondered if it's the miracle product for you? Here, we explain everything you need to know about our tried-and-trusted haircare superhero, including the questions we are asked the most. 

What is Colour Remover and what makes it so great? 

Colour Remover is a bleach-free, Permanent Hair Colour Remover that gently enters the Hair shaft to wash away any artificial Colour pigment. This innovative product breaks the mould by allowing you to perform multiple 20-minute Colour corrections without the need for destructive bleaching products or lengthy, expensive salon appointments.

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Colour Remover is incredibly versatile, and we've found it to be a lifesaver for all sorts of Colour corrections. Discover the different ways you can use it right at home, saving you from high costs and any potential embarrassment.

Will Colour Remover help my over-Toned Hair with a Grey/Green tinge?

Have you Coloured or Toned your Hair, only to find it looking over-Toned, Grey or Green with Warm roots exacerbating the issue? Don't worry; it's a common occurrence when Hair is Lightened and porous. Porous ends are thirsty and eager to suck up the Cool pigments, resulting in unwanted Tones. Fortunately, Colour Remover can help. Apply Colour Remover over the over-Toned Hair and once your Hair is dry you should see a more balanced Colour. In the future, look at our Toning solutions for a more Natural, glossy Toner. 

Do I Need to Use Colour Remover Before Changing to a Similar or Darker Hair Colour?

In most cases, no. If you are Colouring with the same Shade or a Darker Shade, you don't need to Colour Remove. However, if you want a fresh start to your Colour, or you've noticed Build Up dulling your Colour, Colour Removing first can help achieve the brightest, freshest version of your hue.

Can I Colour Remove back to my Natural Hair Colour?

You can remove Hair Colours that are Darker than your Natural Hair Colour. Unlike bleaching, which strips both artificial and natural pigment from your Hair, Colour Remover solely targets artificial pigment.

Depending on how long you have been Colouring, it may take multiple applications of Colour Remover. Focus on the middle and ends of your Hair where you will see the majority of your Colour Build Up. You can do up to 2 Colour Remover applications in one day. Golden brassiness is the sign of a successful Colour Removal, easily calmed with a Toner

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Can I Colour Remove and transition to Grey? 

When you're tired of covering your Greys and ready to embrace your Natural Grey Hair, Colour Remover can help remove as much of the previous Hair Colour pigment as possible. Long-time Colourer's often have Colour Build-Up, making a deep cleanse beneficial for a smoother Colour transition. After completely removing the previous pigment, our Light Ash Toner Kit can help blend your Warmer Colour Removed ends with your Grey Regrowth for a seamless transition.

I've Coloured my Lightened Hair Dark, but now it's too Dark or my Colour went ick. Can I Colour Remove it? 

Yes, Colour Remover was made for situations like these. Is your new Hair Colour too Dark? Colour Remove until you return to a brassy version of your Lightened Shade. Then Cool your Colour with the Extra Light Silver Toner, Light Ash Toner Kit or Pearl Blonde Toner — depending on your Colour taste.

Lightened Hair needs to be filled when you are Colouring it 3 or more Shades Darker, otherwise, it will get a khaki hue. If that sounds like you, Colour Remove your Darker Shade. Then apply your Colour Filler over your Lightened Hair, followed by your Dark Hair Colour. 

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Can I Use Colour Remover to Change My Black Hair to Light Blonde?

Colour Remover is a powerful tool, but transitioning from black to Light Blonde is one of the most significant changes you can make. Firstly, I would say to you, be patient. Secondly, depending on your Natural Hair Colour, you may need to use bleach, which we only recommend for advanced home Colourer's. Regardless, always start with Colour Remover. It safely removes past pigments and can be applied multiple times. By reducing the amount of pigment in your Hair first, you’ll minimize the need for harsh bleaching or Lightening products, which is better for your Hair’s health. Once you've removed the Colour pigment, we recommend bleach bathing, Colouring or Toning.

My Blonde is too Golden. Can I Colour Remove? 

You don't need Colour Remover, you need a Toner Kit to counteract your Warmth. 

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Can I Lighten my Coloured Hair?

If your Hair is already Coloured with a Darker Shade, you will need to use a Colour Remover to eliminate the dark pigment before you can reColour it with a Lighter Shade. Here are the steps:
Colour Remove: Apply the Colour Remover to take out the dark pigment.
Wait: Allow 48 hours before you reColour.
ReColour: Choose a Hair Colour 1-2 Shades Lighter than your desired Shade. We recommend selecting a Natural or Cool pigment to help counter any Warmth resulting from the Colour Remover process.

I made a mistake, can I Colour Remove?

Did you apply the wrong Colour? Did you apply a new Colour and it left you with bright roots and Dark ends? Is your new Colour too Red, too Gold, too Ash, too Dark? This is in Colour Remover's wheelhouse. Apply the Colour Remover once and it will remove your recent Colour application. 

My Hair Colour is Dark, dull and flat. Can Colour Remover help? 

Yes, Colour Remover can help you here. If your Hair, particularly through your ends, looks heavy, unhealthy, lifeless and Dark — Colour Remover is your saviour. Colour Remover will be like a quick-fix injectable, removing that heavy, unhealthy Colour Build Up leaving your Hair feeling nourished silkier and healthier than before. 

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I have a Semi Colour in my Hair, can I Colour Remove it? 

Colour Remover is designed for Permanent Hair Colours. Without getting too technical, permanent pigment enters the Hair shaft, while semi-permanent pigment coats the Hair shaft. While we cannot guarantee results with a semi-permanent Colour, many of our customers have had success using Colour Remover on stubborn leftover semi-permanent dye.

I've Coloured over my previously Lightened Hair with a much Darker Shade. But now I want my Highlights back. Can I use Colour Remover? 

Yes, Colour Remover is the safest way to get your Highlights back. Since you can't Lighten Hair that is Coloured with a Darker Shade, Colour Remover is a gentler choice compared to using bleach. 

You've already got a Lightened Blonde underneath, so pick out the strands of Hair you want to use as Highlights. Apply Colour Remover over these strands, wrapping them in cling wrap to avoid removing the surrounding Hair Colour. This will help you clean out the Dark pigment and regain dimension in your Hair.

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