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What I love the most about Hair Colour is the way it transforms you. I've yet to find a feeling in the Hair or beauty realm that feels better than when I see my freshly covered roots — I swear I stand taller with a renewed sense of confidence. I've leant on my Hair Colour Shade plenty of times, to help me keep some glow through my complexion so I don't look so drawn in Winter or chosen a hue that I felt brought out my eyes or Coloured with a Blonde that makes my skin seem less Red. 

This is how incredible Hair Colour is. Now imagine a Hair Colour Shade that restores your youthful glow, effortlessly erases Greys and revitalises your Hair and skin tone. The crazy thing is, this is so easy to achieve. It's time to reclaim your vibrant, fresh-faced look and turn back time with our collection of Hair Colours that defy age and bring out the best in you. 

The Problem-Solving Power of Age-Defying Hair Colours

An age-defying Hair Colour is a problem solver, tackling common issues head on: Better, full Colour Grey coverage.
Gives you a Natural looking Hair Colour Tone that complements you perfectly, as if it has always been your Natural hue.
Brings a glow and life back to your Colour and complexion.
Lightens and brightens your Shade, pulling away from Colours that create heavy shadowing, to soften wrinkles and fine lines. 

As our percentage of Greys increase, the most popular age-defying Hair Colours typically sit around a Medium to Light Blonde. They create a less stark contrast to your Grey and White Regrowth, and make a Natural looking Hair Colour. But I will show you how you make some adjustments to your Colour regardless if you are Blonde or prefer a Darker Hue. 

Age-Defying Hair Colours For the Blondes

Are you finding your Cool Ash or Very Light Blonde is just glossing over your Greys and Whites without providing the coverage and youthful pep you desire? If so, it may be time to transition to a deeper Blonde Shade. 

For example, the Boss Blonde was created because our founder wanted a richer, fuller Hair Colour. The added Warmth and depth gives her the best coverage and the bubbly richness she wants in her hue. As it grows out her Hair lightens, because of her outdoor lifestyle, to a Lighter Blonde that blends with her Regrowth. 

My Hairdresser

When you need stronger coverage over stubborn Greys, or want to say goodbye to heavy shadowing or wrinkling — infuse your Hair Colour with a radiant, Golden glow that brings back light and energy. Keep your Lightness around a 6 Dark - 7 Medium Blonde, embracing Golden or Chocolate Shades that weave threads of Warmth and richness through your Colour, awakening your Shade with a beautiful glow and superior coverage. 

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Golden Blonde
My Hairdresser
Hazelnut Blonde
My Hairdresser
Salted Caramel

Natural Shades are the best for Grey coverage. Our 6 Dark Blonde and 7 Medium Blonde give your Hair Colour a perfect balance of depth to rejuvenate your grey/white hair while smothering it with beautiful glossy Blonde Tones. This hint of depth makes your Colour feel like yours again. 

My Hairdresser
Dark Blonde
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Medium Blonde

Tip: If you look at the 6 Dark Blonde and 7 Medium Blonde and think they are too Dark remember you're applying to a Grey/White base which will make them look Lighter than the swatch. This depth will give your Colour a Natural, youthful look. 

Age-Defying Hair Colours For the Brunettes

Have you started to find your deep Brunette, Red or Plum Shade seems too intense and draining for your look? It may be time to Lighten a few Shades to a Lighter Brunette or Dark Blonde to take away the heavy shadowing and open your face up. 

As well as needing to remove the Darker Hair Colour, it's likely you will have Colour Build Up before you switch to a Lighter Shade. A couple of Colour Remover applications will relieve your Hair of the heaviness and prepare it for your new, Lighter Shade that will be much easier to maintain. 

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As we shift away from deep, Dark Brunettes, Reds, or Plums — Natural Hair Colour Shades are the superb, sparkling Colour choice. Their glossy Tones are perfect, and our Colour conditioners replenish moisture to your hair, combating the dryness that greys often cause. Our 3 Dark Brown and 5 Light Brown evoke glossy Natural Tones as indulgent as your favourite dessert. 

My Hairdresser
Dark Brown
My Hairdresser
Light Brown
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Dark Blonde

Like with Blonde Shades, if you need more coverage from your Darker Hair Colour or want to say goodbye to heavy shadowing or wrinkling — infuse your Hair Colour with a radiant, Golden glow that brings back light and energy.

Just as with Blonde Shades, when you seek enhanced coverage from your Darker Hair Colour or wish to bid farewell to heavy shadowing and wrinkles, infuse your Hair Colour with a cascade of Golden hues, restoring the glow and bringing Light back into your Hair. 

Beautiful bronzed Shades like our 5.3 Golden Brown or 5.53 Chocolate Brown bring all the Brunette energy you'll need, adding generous Warming hues through your Colour like it has been freshly kissed by the sun.

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Golden Brown
My Hairdresser
Chocolate Brunette
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Remember, when Colouring 50% or more Grey Hair, always use a 20 Volume Developer for optimal Colour coverage.

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20 Volume

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