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Now you're starting to get a hang of things, see the other techniques you can use to further your Colouring craft.

How To Tone With A Hair Colour

You can alter the Cool Hair Colour you Tone with to achieve your Toning dreams.

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How To Paint Highlights

Use your Tint Brush to paint Highlights that can break up your Hair Colour or add glowing glimmers of sunshine through your Hair.

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How To Paint Lowlights

Lowlights add Depth and Volume to your Hair and are the perfect trick to reignite a dull, flat Hair Colour.

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How To Mix 2 Hair Colours

Sometimes it's impossible to find everything you want in one tube. Mixing Hair Colours together gives you the best of each Shade so you can create your dream Hair Colour.

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What is a Hair Colour Filler?

When Colouring your Hair from Light to Dark, you may need aa Colour Filler to prevent your Hair from going Green.

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How To Choose A Colour Filler

How to choose a Colour Filler Shade to build the pigment back in your Hair for a smooth Hair Colour.

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How To Apply A Colour Filler

Colouring with a Colour Filler is different from a normal Colour application and done incorrectly will affect your Colour.

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