How To Paint Lowlights

Lowlights are small pieces of Hair that are no more than 2 shades Darker than the rest of the Hair.

Why Do You Want Lowlights?

Lowlights add Depth and Volume to your Hair Colour.
They bring life back into Hair after excessive Highlighting
We like to use them to soften an ombre or break up Warmth in un Toned Hair.
To add Volume and dimension through Natural Hair Colours.
To soften a stark regrowth line or when transitioning Colours.

Pre Lowlight Prep

Before Low Lighting, brush or comb your dry and Product free Hair until it is tangle free.
Then divide your Hair into 4 Sections.

Our Low Lighting Rules

Keep your Lowlights thin, using less than you would Highlights.
Don't stack your Lowlights on top of each other.
Be conservative with your Low Light Colour choice, using a Colour no more than 2 shades Darker than the rest of the Hair.
You can use Lowlights on both Light and Dark Hair Colours.
Do not place Lowlights on the top of your head like Highlights.
Place less Lowlights in your Top Sections and more through the Bottom Sections of your Hair.

Step 1

Turn your Tint Brush on its side for a finer application.

Guide the tip of your Tint Brush through the Hair creating a row of Hair around 1.5cm thick, placing it over your head as this Hair will not be used. Create another row underneath.

Use your Tint Brush to weave through your row of Hair, creating a few weaves no thicker than 1/2cm. Hold the weaved pieces of Hair tight and let the rest fall away.

Step 2

Tip: Place foil underneath the Hair to stop the Colour from bleeding onto surrounding Hair.

Starting at the top of the Hair, begin painting the Hair down to the ends until completely covered. Don't overload the Hair with Colour, use enough to just cover the Hair.

Alternatively lightly dip your thumb and index finger tips in Colour and squeeze them from the top of the Hair to the ends. Using the weaved Hair pieces or choosing small pieces of Hair from the row.

Take the Colour to the ends of the Hair.

Step 3

Fold your Coloured Hair in foil and move onto your next row using the same application. Continue until you finish the Hair section, before moving onto the other Top Section and finally completing the remaining two Bottom Hair Sections.

Tip: Create vertical rows in the Top Sections and horizontal rows in the Bottom Sections of your Hair.

Keep These Tips In Mind

Don’t exceed the Colour processing time.
Keep an eye on your processing Colour.
If you think your Hair is getting too Dark, remove foils or wipe excess Hair Colour away.
Try and get the job done as quickly as possible.
If you have thick Hair, consider getting help or use a person to do each side of the head.

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