Colour Maintenance

Now you've Coloured your Hair, how do you keep it looking good?

How to touchup your Regrowth

How to apply your Colour mixture to your Regrowth swiftly, smoothly and with ease.

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What is Colour Build Up?

When you're applying Colour ontop of old Colour you'll accumulate Colour Build Up, which will start effecting your Colour's appearance and development.

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Colour Banding

Those annoying horizontal lines of different Colours through your Hair can be removed and prevented.

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Colour Top Up Technique

When you want to keep your Colour fresh, use the Colour Top Up Technique to avoid Build Up and Banding.

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Maintaining Vibrancy

When you're rocking a Vibrant Hair Colour, you'll find these tips will help keep it that way for as long as possible.

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What is Toning?

Toning. An absolute essential element of preserving a great Hair Colour.

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How To Tone Your Hair

How to Tone down any unwanted Warmth or Brassiness you may find in your Colour.

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Let our Colour experts show you how

If you're looking for personalised advice about your Hair Colour, our dedicated Colour Consultants are here to help!

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