Before you Colour Remove

The most important things to know before you start Colour Removing.

How does Colour Remover work?

Learn how colour remover effectively takes the colour out of your hair and washes it away, all without stripping or damaging your hair.

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What Affects Colour Remover?

Did you know black hair colours can take longer to remove? Discover what other factors can affect the effectiveness of your colour remover.

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What is Colour Build Up?

When you apply colour on top of old colour, you accumulate colour build up. Fortunately, the safest and easiest way to remove it is with a colour remover.

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How To Remove Colour Build Up

Learn how this colour remover application can safely eliminate colour build up without causing any damage to your hair.

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How Stubborn Is Your Hair Colour to Remove?

Find out how stubborn your hair colour will be to remove before you begin the colour removing process.

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Colour Remover Strand Test

Save yourself time with a strand test. This small piece of hair can provide you with valuable information.

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Let our Colour experts show you how

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