How to Colour Remove

Meet your Colour Removing goals, by understanding exactly what you're doing.

How To Colour Remove your Hair

Your Step by Step Guide to Colour Removing, mixing amounts and your Developing time.

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Skin Allergy Test

Each time you Colour Remove your Hair, make sure to do a Skin Allergy Test on a small patch of skin beforehand.

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How To Section Your Hair

Sectioning your Hair before Colour Removing will make application easier and help you cover all your Hair cleaner and quicker.

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Mixing Ratios

How much of each Part do I need to mix together, again?

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How to Apply your Colour Remover

Whether you prefer a Tint Brush or Applicator Bottle, follow these tips and tricks for exceptional, even coverage.

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Developing Time

Fun fact: Leaving Colour Remover on for longer than we say will not remove more Hair Colour.

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Let our Colour experts show you how

If you're looking for personalised advice about your Hair Colour, our dedicated Colour Consultants are here to help!

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