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Discover the magical world of home Hair, full of iconic shades, glossy pigments and easy to use Colouring products — where your Hair dreams are made.

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These irresistibly luxe shades are a must-try for all Colourers.

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Everyone Is Wearing This Brunette Shade

When your Hair Colour aesthetic is deep, bold and glassy, these 3 obsidian shades are guaranteed to delight your senses.

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colour remover

Why Colour Remover Should Be A Constant In Your Life

Reminder: Colour Remover should be a staple of any Colour routine if you want healthy, shiny Hair.

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how to

How To Make Your Salon Colour Last Longer

Trying to extend your Colour (and your dollar) after visitiing the salon? Then the Root Smudge is perfect for you.

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A Colour Remover that is Bleach AND damage free, that does what it says on the box. Seriously, this Product is incredible!!


My Hair feels and looks like I just left the salon. I've never seen it look so good!