Home Hair Colour. Salon results.

Italian made, Salon Quality Home Hair Colour to suit your Hair and Skin tone — shipped right to your door.

Clean Slate.

Abolish, eliminate, get rid of, do away with, take away, stop, put an end to, wash out — Colour Remover does all of that to Permanent Hair Colour without Bleach. 

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Hair 101: What is a Plum Hair Colour?

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4 Home Hair Colouring Tips from our Chief Colour Consultant

Her most important tips for multitasking, simple ways to save time and easy tricks for any skill level.

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A Colour Remover that is Bleach AND damage free, that does what it says on the box. Seriously, this Product is incredible!!


My Hair feels and looks like I just left the salon. I've never seen it look so good!


I didn't think I could do my own Hair and then I spoke with a Colour Consultant. Now I am never looking back!