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Real people share their real life home Hair Colouring routines as well as how they did their Hair and what My Hairdresser Products they used to achieve it.

From Light Blonde to Dark Blonde

Name: Lauren
Colouring level: Basic.

I had a two-toned Balayage type Blonde and I wanted one straight Colour that was Warm. I was craving energy in my Hair Colour and I love Gold, but Naturally I have a lot, so I needed help choosing a Colour that would give me a half shot and balance me out.

It's still a surprise when I look in the mirror and see my Hair. I love it and I got that one, clean Hair Colour! And I still can't believe how shiny and glossy it is.

My Hairstory

My Natural Hair Colour:
Dark Blonde

Colour in my Hair before Colouring:

Support Pages I Used:
How To Section Your Hair Before Hair Colouring

My tip to you:
If you're unsure about anything you're about to do, email a Colour Consultant. Mine was amazing and helped me with absolutely everything.

My process:
My Colour Consultant instructed me to do two Colour processes to get the single Hair Colour I wanted. Step 1 I only Coloured my Lighter ends, let my Colour develop and washed it out. Step 2 I Coloured my entire head of Hair.

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