No Lift Developer

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I am an essential when Colouring because I activate the Hair Colour when you mix us together. I have no Lightening abilities, hence my name No Lift, rather I am the Developer to use when you want to Colour your Hair Dark. So if you want to go from a 6 Dark Blonde to a 3 Dark Brown or 7.1 Ash Blonde to 5 Light Brown or 7 Medium Blonde to 3 Dark Brown I am your match. I also double as a Toner when mixed with a Cool Shade. My most popular Toning mix is with 9.1 Light Ash Blonde, that you can also find in a Toner Kit, or other Ash or Beige Shades depending on how intense you need your Hair Toned.

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What's included?

1 x 100ml No Lift Developer

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Use to
go Dark

Use to



to use





1 part Hair Colour with 1.5 parts Developer.
eg. 1 Tube of Hair Colour with 1 Bottle of Developer.

How to Colour your Hair

Step 1: Mix

Mix Permanent Hair Colour and Developer in a plastic or glass bowl until a smooth and creamy paste is achieved.

Step 2: Apply To Dry Hair

Starting at the regrowth area, apply the Colour carefully and evenly to dry Hair. Massage Colour through the Hair wearing protective gloves to ensure even coverage.

Step 3: Developing Time

Once the Colour has been applied to the Hair, leave in Hair for 35 to 40 minutes to Develop. We suggest allowing the High Lift Series (901, 902 and 908) 45 minutes to develop.

Step 4: Rinse your Hair

Once the development time has been reached, rinse the Hair for 3 to 5 minutes in warm water until water runs clear. Condition Hair as normal.

How Much Colour Will I Need?

For Short Hair / Colouring Regrowth

1 x Permanent Hair Colour.
1 x Developer.

For Long Hair / Thick Hair

2 x Permanent Hair Colour.
2 x Developer.

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