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Real people share their real life home Hair Colouring routines as well as how they did their Hair and what My Hairdresser Products they used to achieve it.

Tone It All Away

Name: Susie
Colouring level: Seasoned Colourer

My outdoor life and my Natural penchant to throw Warmth means my Blonde gets Lighter and Gold very quickly. I just needed a Toning routine that kept my Warmth in check without me having to alter my routine too much or using a purple shampoo.

The Toner Kit is a life saver. I only need to do it when I touch up my roots and it keeps my Hair silky and shiny.

My Hairstory

My Natural Hair Colour:
Dark Brown with 75% Greys

Colour in my Hair before Colouring:
7 Medium Blonde and 9 Light Blonde

Support Pages I Used:
How To Tone

My tip to you:
Give it a go!

My process:
I mixed the Products from the Toner Kit in the Applicator Bottle and squeezed it through my Hair during the last 20 minutes of my Colour developing and really massaged it through my ends. It is the ultimate 2 for 1 Hair Colouring technique.

Products I Used

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