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Colour Remove and it's gone

Name: Lou
Colouring level: Not a beginner but not a pro.

I just wanted to get rid of the Dark Blondish Colour in my Hair so I could eventually Lighten it. I also knew I did not want to use Bleach, I've suffered enough damage from Bleach in the past and I had no interest in doing it again.

I didn't realise what I needed to do going into this, but Colour Removing was so so worth it. My Hair instantly felt fresher and silkier.

My Hairstory

My Natural Hair Colour:
Around a 7 Medium Blonde

Colour in my Hair before Colouring:
Dark Blonde

Support Pages I Used:
What is Colour Build Up?

My tip to you:
I didn't know anything about Colour Build Up. Read about it and if you think you have it, Colour Remover it out. My Hair was so much healthier and happier after doing it.

My process:
I read a lot about Colour Removing before I did it. The first time I Colour Removed, the majority of my Colour had gone, so I did it again just to make sure I got it all out. Another piece of advice: have enough Colour Remover to really cover your Hair, I mean really cover. It will work so much better.
I was left with some Warmth as I expected, but nothing too shocking. But I was so shocked how my Hair felt physically lighter afterwards.

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