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Real people share their real life home Hair Colouring routines as well as how they did their Hair and what My Hairdresser Products they used to achieve it.

My new Regrowth and refresh

Name: Tonya
Colouring level: Not my first time

My ends were way too brassy and my Regrowth was really grown out. I wanted a soft, balayage-esque Colour with the top of my Hair being slightly Darker than the ends, so my grow out wouldn't be such high maintenance. And I needed a Colour that would get rid of my brassiness and help prevent it in the future.

I was surprised how easy this was to do and even more surprised at my new silky Blonde that I did myself!

My Hairstory

My Natural Hair Colour:
6 Dark Blonde

Colour in my Hair before Colouring:
Blonde Permanent Hair Colour

Support Pages I Used:
Colour Top Up Technique, How To Apply Hair Colour

My tip to you:
I've had some history using supermarket Colours but I still asked the Colour Consultants for product advice.

My process:
I chose 7.1 Ash Blonde and 20 Volume Developer because I liked the Colour and it would cool down my brassiness. I didn't need to Lighten my Hair too much because I wanted a low maintenance Colour. I spread my Colour mix on my Regrowth and tapered it down to my brassy ends to avoid a big Colour band. During the last 10 minutes of my developing I added some water to my Colour mix and applied it through my ends.

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