Find your Hair Colour Shade

We're here to help guide you on your journey of finding your dream shade. If you're unsure or don't know where to start, why not give our quiz a go! It's just 6 easy questions — and there are no wrong answers.

Let's kick it old school. Grab your pen and paper and write down your answers to discover your hue. Let's begin.

Question 1:

Describe your dream shade in one word.

A) Glowy

B) Lowkey

C) Cool

Question 2:

Do you like to:

A) Spend a lot of time on your Hair Colour

B) Have a Hair Colour as low maintenance as possible

C) Like to rely on support products for upkeep (toners)

Question 3:

Do you want a reflect?

A) Yes

B) No

C) Don't Know

Question 4:

When you think of your dream shade is it

A) Like you are fresh from holiday

B) Glam, luxe

C) Sleek satiny tones

Question 5:

What is the Colour effect you are looking for?

A) Bold

B) Natural

C) Glazed

Question 6:

Do you gravitate towards

A) Big tones

B) Subtle, Natural hues

C) Ash and Creamy tones

The Verdict

When you've answered mostly A's.

Deep down, you love Warmth and a Hair Colour full of energy and intensity. The dream is to look like you're fresh from a beach holiday everyday, your Hair and complexion filled with glowing tones. Or is it a show-stopper shade? A deliciously rich Red? Illuminating Copper reflects? What we do know is you like glamour — and lots of it!

When you've answered mostly B's.

You've got that girl next door vibe, you love the classics and you want your Hair Colour to be the perfect sheer shade enhancer. You're a Natural beauty and you need a shade to match your low-key luxe vibe. The Naturals range won't disappoint, giving your Hair a fresh gloss and diamond shine.

When you've answered mostly C's.

So you're a bit of an ice queen, loving the sleek shine of a Cool Colour and the way it keeps warmth away. How intense you like your Cool reflect is up to you. Is it an iridescent iced out Ash Blonde you desire? Or a Blonde with a softer, creamy Beige tone? Either way, the glassy hue do not disappoint.