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Real people share their real life home Hair Colouring routines as well as how they did their Hair and what My Hairdresser Products they used to achieve it.

The easiest, glossiest Brunette of my life

Name: Emma
Colouring level: Long time supermarket box Colourer

I was always Colouring with whatever Brunette box was onsale at the supermarket and my Hair looked like a patchwork quilt of different types of washed out Brown Hair Colours. I just wanted a simple, even, shiny Brunette Hair Colour that I could maintain myself in my time.

I have never used a Brunette like this, my Hair is Dark and so so glossy and shiny and my Hair feels like I've had a treatment.

My Hairstory

My Natural Hair Colour:
5 Light Brown

Colour in my Hair before Colouring:
Old layers of Golden, Mahogany and Dark Brown Hair Colours

Support Pages I Used:
How To Apply Hair Colour

My tip to you:
When you're Colouring things get messy, so I always keep an old towel on hand at all times to wipe Colour off my ears and face or protect my counter tops.

My process:
The hardest part for me was deciding between two Colour shades that I liked. Once I did, I got my Colour, Developer and Tint Brush and Bowl delivered to my house and it was on. I covered all my Hair with my Colour mix, waited for it to process and then washed it out. It was so easy and so convenient!

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