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Real people share their real life home Hair Colouring routines as well as how they did their Hair and what My Hairdresser Products they used to achieve it.

Effortless Upgrade

Name: Kris

My Hair became too much, I couldn't keep up with my Regrowth and it was always too brassy. I wanted to be a Light Brunette again with a smokiness I loved seeing in the Grey Shades without having to commit that much, just a hint.

To say my Colour fit the brief would be an understatement! I love my smokey, satiny Hair!

My Hairstory

My Natural Hair Colour:
Light Brown

Colour in my Hair before Colouring:
Old Highlights

Support Pages I Used:
How To Mix 2 Hair Colours Together

My tip to you:
Don't be afraid to mix Hair Colours together to get the Hair Colour you want. My Hair Naturally falls on the Warm side, so a custom Colour is the best for me.

My process:
I mixed 1/2 a tube of 7.1 Ash Blonde with 1/2 a tube of 5 Light Brown. I painted my Colour on all my Regrowth first, then through my ends to Darken and Tone until my whole head was covered. I did it like this to give me my even Colour.

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